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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jake Gets the Shock of His Life When The Devil Reveals Himself

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 7, 2022
Jake DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Brandon Barash

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem PD: Gwen tells Ava she still has her back, even though Ava refuses to go to prison for her. Ava and Gwen threaten to expose each other's secrets.

Horton Square: Sarah comes face to face with Xander. Xander asks Sarah if she knows who he is and she identifies him as Alex Marshall. She tells "Alex" that she wants a divorce so she can marry Tony. Xander makes a call to Jack.

Xander tells Sarah that Renée was is dead. He shows her a picture of the two of them. Xander asks her to try to remember them as a couple, but "Renée" doesn't see herself as Sarah. Xander wonders who she sees when she looks in the mirror. Xander offers to take her to see Maggie, but she refuses.

DiMera mansion: Jake overhears Gabi tell Johnny on the phone that Jake will get what he deserves. When Jake questions what she meant, Gabi lies and says he will be CEO by the end of the day.

JoDevil and Johnny Angel continue their power struggle. JoDevil says Johnny doesn't have enough love in his heart to drive him away. Tony comes in and updates Johnny on his and Chad's success. Tony assumes Johnny is going to work with TR on his movie. Johnny makes a hasty exit.

Tony asks Chad if Ava gave up her accomplice's name. He explains that Sarah refused treatment and will be staying at the mansion. Chad tries to be sympathetic to Tony and Sarah's dilemma. He tells Tony he has to go to the office.

DiMera Enterprises: Li is in town for a shareholder meeting. Kate wonders what's being planned since many shareholders are unavailable. 

Gabi and Jake come to the boardroom. Johnny arrives and lies that Tony and Chad are delayed because of a weather problem. Jake announces he wants to put Victor on the board and Johnny explains the endgame is to steal Titan. Then, he makes a motion to remove Chad as CEO. Kate is against both motions.

Gabi pipes up that she has amendments. She wants to replace Victor with Johnny on the board and install herself as CEO. Jake is floored. Li wants to take it to a vote, but Kate wants to delay it. She refuses to vote and thinks there will be a stalemate. JoDevil gets into Li's head and he votes in favor of the amendments. 

Jake is both furious and clueless about Gabi's accusations that he was going to betray her. Jake denies meeting Maggie and accuses Johnny of forging the paperwork.

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Cemetery: Gwen wonders aloud if she's being punished for her evil deeds. She wonders if things could get worse, then Ned appears. He says he kept her name from from Tony and Chad, and now he wants money. Gwen tells Ned that she has no money, but Ava has access to the Vitali fortune. She promises a payout if he can help get Ava released.

The Final Yards:

-Xander tells Gwen he talked to Sarah and explains what happened to her.

-"Renée" tells Tony she will find a lawyer to process their divorces. She threatens to evict Anna and Tony refuses.

-Ned appears as a lawyer to Ava. He offers to broker a deal with Melinda in exchange for money. Ava agrees.

-Chad walks into his office and is confused when Gabi is at his desk.

-Johnny mocks Jake, who gets angry. Jake grabs Johnny's wrist and is stopped dead in his tracks. The Devil exposes himself and tells Jake to get his hands off him.

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Random Thoughts:

-Johnny Angel...haha.

-Was Renée always this snarky and angry? I wasn't watching when she was on in the 80s.

-Ava's a tough cookie, but I was impressed how Gwen stood up to her.

-Gabi must have had that nameplate hidden away for weeks!

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