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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Warns Sonny She Won't Look The Other Way on General Hospital

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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Tanisha Harper

On today's General Hospital recap: Josslyn begs the teacher to shut off the video and it takes her a moment to do so. The professor dismisses the class, and apologizes to Josslyn and Cameron for not being quicker. She promises that the student, Brian, who sent it to the classroom, will be disciplined. She also warns them to keep better track of their intimate stuff.

Josslyn gets angry with Cameron. Esme eavesdrops as Cameron asks if Josslyn believes he was the one that uploaded the video. Josslyn and Cameron argue about who could have taped them. Josslyn catches Esme when she makes a noise in the hall. Esme blames Brian for playing the video, but Cameron says someone sent it as an email. Josslyn blames Esme for sending it, but she denies any knowledge.

Trina gets angry that Spencer broke out of jail to hang out in a cemetery. Spencer tells her it's his mother's grave, then hides when Jordan shows up. Jordan and Trina make small talk before Jordan leaves. Spencer thanks her for not outing him, but Trina gets angry. Trina says Spencer does as he pleases and is privileged.

Liz and Finn discuss Betsy's innocence for all the shenanigans. Liz admits that she has a hard time sleeping and worries about her boys. The two wonder if Jake is the one doing things. Finn says it could be someone from Franco's past. Finn thinks they should get away for a while, but she says they can't. Finn understands and offers to stay with her, but Liz says her boys aren't ready and she needs to put them first. Finn promises to wait for her.

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Sasha wants her and Brando to get married right now, even without their families and friends. Brando wonders why now. Sasha reassures him that she wants all the joy that he brings into her life.

Lucy shows Jax's house to Portia and Curtis, but mentions that Sonny might also be interested. The two wonder if it's too big for them, but Portia mentions there's room for Trina and Marshall if Curtis wants. The two tell Lucy they'll take it.

Sonny stops over to talk to Carly about Courtney. Carly admits that she misses her best friend, but it hurts to see him and she wants to see him less. Sonny says he'll do whatever she wants.

Jordan runs into Sonny. She tells him that while they worked together when they had a common enemy in Cyrus, now they're done. She says she's wiping his slate clean and moving forward from now. Jordan says she won't be looking the other way from now on.

Esme and Josslyn continue to argue back and forth on who did what, and when they did it. Esme claims it couldn't have been her because she left the cabin early. Esme points the finger at Trina, just as she arrives. 

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