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The Bold and The Beautiful's Krista Allen: "I Just Want Taylor to be Strong"

Krista Allen, The Bold and the Beautiful

What does The Bold and the Beautiful's Krista Allen do when she gets frustrated with her character, Taylor Hayes? Allen discussed how she approaches playing the psychiatrist's on-off relationship with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) with

Allen does her best to separate her own feelings from Taylor's. The actress explained:

If I get a script and I see things that personally, I would not like my friend Taylor doing, I need to break that down and say, ‘How do I play this? And how do I play it with the integrity of everything she’s been through while still being true to what the writers want from that particular scene?’ And that’s the challenge for me, because I just want Taylor to be strong. I want her to kick the waffler to the curb!

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In real life, she might react differently than Taylor over Ridge and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). She observed:

I’m like, ‘Come on, girl! You’re so much better than this!’ What would probably be the healthiest thing she could do is for her and Brooke to both say, ‘Hey, this isn’t you. This isn’t me. This is about this guy who isn’t making a decision. You and I are good… Let’s go grab a drink!’

Allen added:

You see it all the time, that this guy cheats on his wife and it’s not the guy’s fault, it’s the women who are awful. It’s standard protocol, and that is just so backwards!