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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Warns Thomas to Keep His Big Mouth Shut

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for March 7, 2022
Sheila Carter, The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

That Bitch Deserved Every Drop: Thomas shows up at Sheila’s door and is none too pleased. She reminds Thomas again what she has done for his family. His parents are back together and Brooke is gone. Thomas facetiously tells Sheila how respectable her actions were. She takes it as face value and says, “That bitch deserved every drop.” Sheila thinks Thomas should adjust his attitude and be more grateful. He should want her working for him and not against him. Sheila warns Thomas keep his big trap shut.

You’re Brooke Freakin’ Logan: Brooke sits alone and once again reviews the events of the past few weeks. Just then, Deacon enters. He grabs her hand and tells her he is exactly where he needs to be. Deacon thinks Ridge is a punk for leaving Brooke and heading back to Taylor, while Brooke seems to have a bit more understanding. She asks Deacon not to talk badly about Ridge and to let her own her actions. Deacon thinks Ridge should take a page out of Brooke’s book and take some ownership in his own questionable actions. Brooke thinks maybe Ridge is better off living with Taylor at the beach house. Deacon refuses to let Brooke bash herself because she is BROOKE FRICKIN 'LOGAN! THE BROOKE LOGAN!

Happily Ever After? Thomas arrives at Forrester Creations and hears his parents happily discussing coffee orders. He enters and what he sees brings a smile to his face. Taylor and Ridge ask Thomas about his mysterious meeting. Just then, Taylor gets a text prompting her to go check on a patient. Ridge goes on to tell Thomas just how happy Taylor is making him. Ridge thinks Brooke is self-destructive and he finally deserves a little happiness…really? Just then, the phone rings and it’s Sheila calling from Taylor’s office. She warns Thomas again to keep his trap SHUT! He hangs up and Ridge wants to know what the hell is going on.

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Random Thoughts:

- Sheila Carter reemerged today as SHEILA FREAKIN' CARTER!

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- The dialogue in today’s episode was EXCELLENT! Sheila telling Thomas about Brooke, “That bitch deserved every last drop,” was classic Sheila!

- Deacon telling Brooke, “You’re Brooke Freakin’ Logan,” made me audibly squeal. 

- Brooke and Deacon smiling and laughing warmed the cockles of my soul. 

- I can’t with Ridge positioning himself as the victim of Brooke’s self-destructive behavior. 

- Taylor and Ridge really do have lovely chemistry. 

- Does anyone else wonder why Taylor isn’t more concerned with how nice Sheila is being to her?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.