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Days of Our Lives Recap: Susan is Alarmed by Ben and Ciara's Theory About Her Grandson

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 8, 2022
Kristen DiMera, General Hospital

Stacy Haiduk

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Statesville: Orpheus teases Clyde for reading The Devil Wears Prada. The two chat and Orpheus lets on that he knows what happened between Clyde and EJ. Clyde denies having anything to do with EJ's shooting, but Orpheus doesn't believe him. Clyde explains how EJ doesn't remember anything. Orpheus tries to work an agreement with Clyde, especially if he makes parole.

Belle visits EJ to give him an update on his appeal. Belle says that Jason, the man who was taking care of Sami, is sticking to his story.  She's hopeful they can track down someone else to contradict Jason. EJ thanks Belle for believing in him after he thwarted her defense at every turn. Belle expresses her concerns when EJ tells her that Clyde is his cellmate.

EJ returns to his cell and meets Orpheus.

Ben and Ciara's: Susan appears thinking they want to talk about EJ. They explain their suspicions about Johnny. Susan claims she would have never left town if she had any inkling that Johnny was possessed, but suspected the Devil was still in Salem. Susan sets out for the DiMera mansion to see if Ben and Ciara are right.

DiMera Enterprises: Jake's confused by Johnny's behavior, yet unable to release himself from JoDevil's grip. Jake realizes Johnny's been possessed for a long time when he explains how he's been working Gabi against him. Jake wants to warn Gabi, but JoDevil locks the door. Jake throws a punch, but ends up getting knocked out.

Chad's surprised to learn that Li agreed to Gabi and Johnny's terms. They hear a loud noise coming from the boardroom. Chad gets angry and tells her to check it out herself.

Gabi runs into the boardroom and finds Jake knocked out. Johnny lies about what happened. When he comes around, he tries to tell Gabi that Johnny can't get the words out. He tells Gabi that Johnny's a creep who tricked her into stabbing him in the back. Gabi wants to speak to Jake alone, so Johnny leaves.

Gabi tells him their break up is all his fault. He asks to stop by the house to pick up his things. He doesn't understand what Gabi's doing, but he says he loves her, then leaves.

DiMera mansion: Belle wants to talk to Chad about EJ's appeal.

The Final Yards:

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-EJ updates his cellmate on his lawyer's meeting. Clyde advises him to be patient. When Clyde uses the phrase "cushy lifestyle," EJ remembers he's heard that before.

-Chad tells Belle what happened with Gabi at DiMera.

-Gabi recalls scheming with Jake before things went south.

-Jake stops by to see Ben. He says Gabi double-crossed him and he blames Johnny. Ben has an idea of how Johnny pulled it off.

-Susan approaches Johnny to see if he's really her grandson.

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Random Thoughts:

-Jake's confused ... seems to be a common theme.

-Wouldn't Satan just kill Jake rather than play mind games?

-Clyde's right about one thing...Miranda Priestly suffers no fools.

-Clyde accepting Orpheus' terms sounds like he's admitting he was involved in EJ's shooting.

-Susan, you in danger, gurl.

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