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Perkie's Observations: Trina Stands Her Ground Against Esme's Accusations on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 8, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: Josslyn tells Trina about the video being played for the whole class, which shocks her. Esme points the finger at Trina, but she says Josslyn and Cameron were set up. Trina brings up the bear with Ryan's voice and setting Ava's car on fire, which Esme claims were mistakes. Trina accuses Esme of coming for her and she'll defend herself.

Esme apologizes for setting up the cabin trip and asking the embarrassing questions that clearly pushed Trina over the edge. Trina reacts and Esme accuses her of having anger issues. Esme can't believe Trina would hurt "their friends" that way, but Josslyn says they aren't friends. Cameron calls her toxic and tells Esme to leave.

Josslyn wonders how Esme pulled it off since she and Spencer left early. Trina promises to help them get to the bottom of it. Cameron says they need to speak to the dean since it was only posted on the school site. Trina gets a link to an x-rated website and Josslyn worries that they've gone viral.

Kevin asks Harmony to assess Ryan's condition. She says he's still locked-in and only communicates by blinking.

Maxie asks Britt for forgiveness in keeping the truth about Bailey from her. Britt says there is nothing to forgive and she understands why Maxie did what she did. Britt says there is no need to worry about Peter anymore. Maxie says someone was helping Peter and is responsible for grabbing the baby. Britt mentions how Liesl and Austin suspect Victor. Maxie tells Britt about things brewing with Austin and how supportive he's been. She wants to see where it will go, but swears it will go slowly. Maxie asks about Britt's own love life, but she says she's too busy with work.

Dante interrupts a conversation between Sam, Laura, and Drew about Victor. Laura says she's committed to doing what must be done and Dante agrees to join their ranks. Drew explains their suspicions of Victor, who's trying to access Drew's memories. He says Andre told them those memories are gone, but Victor doesn't know it. Sam explains that they're setting a trap for Victor by slipping him the tarot card.

Drew says they need to make Victor think he found the card and Sam says they'll have it come from Peter. Sam asks about Peter's personal effects upon his death and Dante says the WSB would have collected them and given them to his next of kin, which would be Maxie. Sam says they need to plant the tarot card in those belongings and have Victor find out. Dante makes a call and finds out Peter's belongings were sent to Britt.

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Victor heads to Wyndemere to discuss Spencer's struggles, and how Nikolas and Ava are making them worse. Victor explains how upset Spencer is about not being able to visit Courtney's grave and blames Ava. He says they need to rethink their vow renewal, which does not sit well with Ava. Victor says Spencer has been driven to desperate acts to get his father's attention. Ava says Spencer is not a child.

Victor says they need to include Spencer to meld their family together. Ava says they want a drama-free ceremony, but Victor doesn't want the gap between father and son to widen. He thinks they should have a small intimate family affair, but Ava's not having it. Ava says she and Nikolas will make a decision together. Victor says he's determined to unify the Cassadine family and has big plans.

Nikolas stops to see Spencer and is thankful for the opportunity. Spencer says Victor was Nikolas' champion and Nikolas agrees that family is important. Nikolas says he visited Courtney's grave to apologize for failing Spencer and ask for help being a better father. Nikolas cares about Spencer, but Spencer wonders where Ava fits into everything. (She's your stepmother Spencer, live with it already. Technically, you're a grown ass adult now, what difference does it make who daddy's married to?) Nikolas asks if Spencer can put the past behind them and move forward, and Spencer agrees. Nikolas says they'll celebrate his birthday once he's released.

Esme arrives. Spencer apologizes for not being sensitive about the loss of her parents. Esme is forgiving. Spencer also understands that she's sensitive about Trina and will stop talking about her. Esme mentions all of the things between Spencer and Trina, and how they're keeping secrets. Spencer says he and Trina are only friends. Esme tells him how Trina recorded Cameron and Josslyn, and uploaded it online. Spencer doesn't believe Trina would do something like that, but Esme says the footage was taken at the cabin after they left.

Kevin tells Laura that Ryan refused to speak with him, which makes him uneasy. Laura updates Kevin on Victor's case and how they need to find the right bait to trip him up. Laura says Anna is on her way to Austria to look for clues and Kevin realizes that Laura wants to go as well. Laura admits she feels a loyalty to Luke and does want to go, but says she's needed here.

Nikolas gets home and Victor mentions opening the vow renewal to the whole family. He says he can talk Spencer into joining them. Nikolas says he's in a better place with Spencer, but is worried about what Victor is hiding. Victor says he intends to unite the family.

Harmony leaves Ryan alone, so Esme asks how he is. Ryan speaks and asks her what the hell she's doing. (Which, by the look on Esme' face, made her pee her pants a little. Also, everyone who knew Ryan was faking the locked-in syndrome can collect their cookie at reception!!)

(Line of the day: Trina to Esme; "Who the HELL are you calling dysfunctional you conniving bitch?" Man, I'm going to miss Sydney's version of Trina because she is phenomenal.)

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