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Days of Our Lives' Camila Banus Discusses Gabi's Evolution Into a "Boss Babe"

Camila Banus

Days of Our Lives star Camila Banus has graced our screens for over a decade as Gabi Hernandez Fallon DiMera. The actress looked back on the character's evolution during her time in Salem in a new Soap Opera Digest interview.

One way in which Gabi has matured is in her career. Banus explained:

I love the way it’s developed. It started out as her being a model for Countess Wilhelmina and transitioned to her seeing the inside of the fashion industry. That is something that put a fire under her butt, illuminated her, and gave her this new energy. She thought, ‘Well, I can take a stab at this.’ With the newfound success of Gabi Chic, she saw that she could do so much more. She saw the power within herself and that she didn’t have to just settle for Gabi Chic. She could do bigger and greater things in the business world.

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She added:

One of her strengths is how passionate she is, but that’s also one of her weaknesses. Her passion sometimes stops her from being logical and seeing what is right in front of her, and that can get her in a lot of trouble. The positive part of her passion is that it has gotten her into rooms that she never thought she’d be in, rooms where she has significant power. She’s seen herself become this boss babe.

Of Gabi's many dramatic life events, which have affected her the most? Banus mused:

Definitely going to prison is one of them, especially the last time being subjected to numerous attacks. And, now, not being able to ever have another child. That door being permanently closed is something that is significantly traumatic to Gabi. She thinks about it a lot.