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Days of Our Lives' Linsey Godfrey Opens Up About Borderpolar Diagnosis

Linsey Godfrey

Days of Our LivesLinsey Godfrey is opening up to People magazine about her diagnosis with borderpolar. After receiving a diagnosis in December 2019, the actress shared that she felt relieved.

She explained:

I had been struggling for so long, and I knew I wasn't okay. Even though it was a big, awful pill to swallow, I was relieved to finally have an answer and not just, 'You're a s----- person.' 

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The publication expounded on her condition, stating:

Godfrey's experience includes episodes of major depression and hypomania (milder than mania) characteristic of bipolar II. Borderline personality disorder (BPD), generally considered harder to treat, is diagnosed when at least five of nine symptoms — including unstable mood with sudden shifts, significant ups and downs in relationships, feelings of emptiness and worthlessness, difficulties regulating temper and impulsiveness — are present. Godfrey says she has all nine.

Godfrey said she is now feeling happy and healthy due to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), medication, and friends and family. She is also working to destigmatize living with mental health challenges. 

Of announcing her diagnosis last year on social media, she recalled:

It was nerve-racking, and I genuinely thought I would never work again. [But] as soon as I did it, someone commented, 'Thank you.' It was worth it to know that one person went, 'Oh my God. It's not just me.'