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Days of Our Lives Recap: The Devil Shifts All of The Blame From Johnny to Belle

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 9, 2022
Johnny DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Carson Boatman

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Nicole's: Allie is feeling sorry for herself when Chanel turns up. She tells Chanel that she and Tripp haven't worked things out. Chanel offers to help Allie through the pain. The two move in for a kiss, but are interrupted by Nicole. 

Nicole tells Allie that Rafe's fate are in the jurors' hands. Allie fills Nicole in on getting dumped by Tripp.

University Hospital: Shawn tells Tripp that Ava escaped from the police station. He explains why Ava was being held and says she and her lawyer just walked out. Tripp says he'll reach out if he hears anything.

Ciara runs into Tripp, who tells her he's no longer with Allie. Ciara is intrigued when Tripp says Johnny revealed the truth about Allie and Chanel. Tripp admits he's tired of coming in second place with women he cares about.

After Ciara leaves, Chanel arrives. She implores Tripp to reconsider dumping Allie. Tripp reminds Chanel about how supportive he was after Johnny, but she chose to lie. He says he doesn't want to see her or Allie.

DiMera mansion: Chad explains to Belle how he and Jake got shafted by Gabi. When Belle brings the conversation back to EJ, Chad gets angry. Belle wants to know if his anger kept him from telling the truth. She asks if he's keeping something from her. Chad doesn't care about EJ. He warns Belle if she doesn't help to restore his position at DiMera, then he will find a lawyer who will.

Susan pops in to see if Johnny's really her grandson. Susan tells him about Ben and Ciara's theory, which Johnny denies. Johnny turns on the charm, but Susan isn't sure what to think. (Flashback to Susan seeing the Devil in Johnny, who erased her memory of their confrontation.) Johnny tells her to let Ben and Ciara know there's nothing to worry about. When Susan hugs him goodbye, she realizes the Devil is under the DiMera roof.

Downstairs, Belle fills Susan in on what's happening with EJ's case. She says her goodbyes and Susan gets the signal that Belle is in fact the Devil.

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Chad catches JoDevil talking to Stefano's portrait. He threatens to take back what is his and send Johnny straight to hell.

Ben and Ciara's: Jake thinks Johnny got into Gabi's head to betray him before he did it to her. Jake explains about Gabi overhearing him with Maggie, but claims he never met with her. Ben tells Jake he and Ciara think Johnny is possessed by the Devil. Jake thinks Ben is making sense and tells him that Johnny gave up information he couldn't know. Ciara returns and she tells Ben what happened with Tripp's engagement.

Susan returns to their apartment and starts reading from the Bible. She tells Ben and Ciara that the Devil is in Belle Brady.

Salem PD: Belle comes to see Shawn and he notices her coat has scorching on the back.

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Random Thoughts:

-Love the Jake/Ben bromance.

-I can't fathom how Sweet Bits survives when it's two owners can't get over personal setbacks to show up at work.

-Rafe had a very long trial.

-Each JoDevil scam takes a little more out of me. It doesn't seem like the end is near.

-Angry Chad is the better Chad. He gave Belle and Johnny some hell (pun intended) today. Ditto for Tripp.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!