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Perkie's Observations: Ryan Is The Puppet Master Behind Esme's Machinations on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 9, 2022
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Ryan Chamberlain, General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom

On today's General Hospital recap: Ryan is taken to his room. Esme sneaks in and reprimands him about speaking to her where someone could have heard him. She says he could have blown the whole plan just to scold her. Ryan says Esme has failed and disappointed him.

Ryan tears a strip off of Esme, saying she had one break up Nikolas and Ava, and she's totally lost track of the prize. Esme defends herself and says Ava's love for Nikolas is greater than her fear of a stalker. Ryan accuses her of playing an adolescent game with Spencer's friends. Esme counters that she's doing everything to make her relationship with Spencer look real so no one gets suspicious.

Esme promises Ryan that her loyalty is to him and begs him to let her prove it to him. Esme calls him Daddy, since he likes it when she calls him that. Ryan complains about her distractions with the friends and feels he can't count on her anymore. Esme counters that she can tell Kevin that Ryan has been able to talk for months, but he grabs her arm and stops her from leaving. Esme warns him to let her go, which he does, but he reminds her that he calls the shots.

Esme says she'll do anything for him, and Ryan tells her to start again with Ava. Esme asks what his plan B is. Ryan says they can use Spencer's incarceration to their advantage. Esme says Nikolas and Ava don't like her, so Ryan tells her to make herself more likable, and essentially tells her to come onto Nikolas. Ryan promises if she follows the plan she'll have Spencer, his money, and the family that she wants. Esme doesn't want Ava as part of the package, but Ryan does. Ryan stands up, brushes the hair from her face and calls her his beautiful gifted daughter. (So much ickiness in these scenes. I don't believe they are truly father/daughter, but more cult like.)

Lucy overhears Gladys leaving a voicemail message for Brando. She's worried why she hasn't heard from him. She reassures Gladys to give Brando and Sasha a break, and when they return Sasha will benefit from the company's IPO. Lucy's worried that Sasha's rushing her grieving process by coming back to work too soon.

Sasha and Brando head to Niagara Falls to get married, but the two get lost without cell service. Sasha wonders if he's changed his mind about getting married, but Brando reassures her. Gladys finally manages to get through and says she's worried about Brando. Sasha mentions being in Niagara Falls, brushes her off and disconnects. Their car breaks down and Sasha gets upset that she's not going to get her happy ending, until someone shows up to help.

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Lucy mentions how Niagara Falls is a great place to get married and Gladys gets upset they would elope without her. Gladys says she's worried that Sasha is rushing into things to ignore her grief. Lucy tells her to let them follow their hearts and not stop the wedding. Gladys decides the couple is grief-stricken and needs to stop them from doing something they'll regret.

Victor wonders about the cool reception he's receiving to his suggestion that Nikolas and Ava open up the vow renewal to everyone in the family. Nikolas mentions his concern with Victor's involvement with Peter, but Victor denies helping him. Victor insists on letting Spencer and Esme attend the renewal, despite Nikolas' worries about Esme.

After Victor leaves, Nikolas wonders why Ava changed her mind about him. Ava admits that Laura asked her to keep an eye on Victor. She worries that Victor will continue to try to manipulate Nikolas. Ava says they need to stick together against Victor and Nikolas agrees. He promises Ava that no one is going to break them up again.

Britt's annoyed that she's Peter's executor and is being forced to deal with it. Britt decides she's going to throw it away, but Maxie resists. Maxie says Peter might have left Bailey something financial and promises to help Britt to dispose of it.

Drew realizes that Peter must have made Britt his executor to acknowledge his existence and deal with the fallout. Sam tells Drew that he can back out of their plan if he's not feeling it, but he reassures her that he wants to help take down Victor. They get a call about Britt's whereabouts and head out to stop her from getting rid of the package.

Dante and Sam arrive in time to stop Britt from dropping the package over the balcony. Drew stops Victor and warns him to stay clear of him or he'll make him pay for keeping him locked up for two years.

Victor heads out to the balcony where the others are. Dante asks if he knows anything about Peter's effects, which Victor denies. Britt says she has them, then she and Maxie fight over the box, which flies open, dropping the contents, including the tarot card, onto the floor. Victor helps pick up the items, palming the card. 

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