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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nancy Busts Up Craig and Leo's Sexy Time

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 10, 2022
Nancy Wesley, Days of Our Lives

Patrika Darbo

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Kirakis mansion: Sonny surprises Bonnie and Justin just as they get frisky. Bonnie gets herself together and leaves them alone. Sonny admits he's having a hard time with Bonnie because of her resemblance to Adrienne and what she did to her. Sonny says he's exasperated by the actions Justin took to get Bonnie off the hook. Justin wants to know if Sonny really did accept her, as Bonnie listens in. Sonny agrees to give her a chance if Justin is happy. Bonnie gives Sonny a big hug.

University Hospital: Will surprises Marlena and gets a big, warm hug. Marlena explains that her professional reputation is taking a hit, which may tank her career. She relates a few sordid stories the Devil perpetuated as her. Will is surprised when Marlena tells him Johnny is still making his film.

Brady Pub: John and Brady talk about him moving on with Chloe when Philip's whereabouts are unknown. John wonders what will happen if Philip doesn't come back. John is surprised to find out that Craig's boyfriend is Leo Stark.

Brady says he and Chloe have a master plan to derail them, but John doesn't think that's a great idea. John doesn't think Leo is as bad Brady makes him out to be. Brady stands down and says he can't let Leo hurt Craig. John advises Brady for him and Chloe to stay out of it.

Horton Square: Chloe tells Nancy she was meeting daddy's new boyfriend the night before. Nancy thinks Chloe betrayed her and is taking Craig's side. Chloe is distressed because she feels caught in the middle. Nancy apologizes. Chloe explains what happened with Leo. Nancy decides she has to take action and takes off.

Salem Inn: Craig wants to address Brady's accusations, but Leo thinks Brady turned Craig against him. Craig says he doesn't want to lose Chloe over her objections to Leo. 

Leo thinks Craig wants to jump ship now, but Craig denies it. Leo encourages Craig to stay the course and give his family time to adjust. Just as they get their shirts off for sexy time, Nancy bursts through the door, demanding Leo take his hands off her husband. Chloe follows close behind.

Leo introduces himself to Nancy and tries to ease her concerns. He claims he wants to get along and proposes a toast, much to Nancy's chagrin. Leo turns on the charm, but Nancy isn't playing. She tosses champagne on Leo and leaves. Chloe offers to start over with Leo. She and Leo decide to head out for drinks alone. Craig hugs Chloe, who looks a little shifty over his shoulder.

The Final Yards:

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-Brady gets a text from Chloe that phase one of their plan can move forward.

-Marlena and John visit Justin to ask for his legal help 

-Bonnie reintroduces herself to Nancy when they cross paths at the pub.

-Will and Sonny come to Craig to talk about Leo.

-Leo catches Brady and Chloe at the bar and wonders what they're up to.

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Random Thoughts:

-Good to be back into present day drama without scifi-esque shenanigans.

-WTF happened to Philip...and Philip and Kate?

-Looking forward to watching ZT's Sonny and CM's Will on the mothership.

-"Nance, may I call you that?" ... "NO." HAHAHA!!

-Brady making a plan never sounds like a good idea.

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