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Perkie's Observations: Anna and Felicia Head to Austria to Investigate Victor on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 10, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Brando and Sasha wait impatiently at the mechanic's for their car to be ready. Both are super-stoked about getting married. The mechanic mentions a busted fuel pump and Brando wants to take a look. While he's away, Sasha takes out her stash and stares at it.

Brando tells her they need to wait for a part and wonders why Sasha is so desperate to get married today. The mechanic overhears and mentions that he's ordained (of course he is!) and offers to marry them at the garage.

Nina checks in with Sonny, who mentions Courtney's deathiversary. She's there to discuss Wiley and tells him that she's suing for visitation. Sonny doesn't like the idea and wants to speak to Michael first. Nina says even if Michael softens, Carly won't. Sonny tells her to lie low and leave it to him

Gladys runs into Carly and asks for her help, but Carly doesn't think Brando and Sasha getting married is that big of a deal. Gladys says she'll reach out to Sonny, so Carly decides to bring her to him. Gladys tells Sonny about the elopement and how she wants to stop the wedding. Gladys says the couple are still grieving their baby and shouldn't run into marriage, which Nina, at first, agrees with.

Carly says Sasha is still struggling and believes she's stronger with Brando. Nina agrees they need to make their own choices and grieve together. Carly tells Gladys to let Brando make his own choices and live his own life. Sonny says to just be there for him, whatever comes next.

Brando and Sasha exchange their vows and are married. They call Gladys, who offers her congratulations. Sonny tells her that she did the right thing.

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Willow tells Michael that she messed up. She tells him about running into Nina and what was said. Willow says Nina will exercise her right to legal action for Wiley.

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Alexis meets with Diane. Alexis mentions that Harmony will be joining them and to be nice. A random guy offers to buy Alexis a drink, but she turns him down. Diane is upset with her for turning him down and bad mouths Alexis' non-existent love life.

Michael asks to speak with Diane and tells her about Nina's case. Diane agrees that Nina has the right, but she has to convince the judge. Diane agrees to help and Willow complains they can't trust Nina. Diane tells Michael to keep it out of court and tells them not to engage.

Alexis complains to Harmony about Diane pushing with her love life. Harmony tells Alexis that only she knows how she feels and if she doesn't want to date anyone right now, it's up to her.

Mac and Felicia catch Maxie and Austin in an almost kiss. Felicia asks if they're an item, but Maxie says things are new. Alone, Felicia tells Mac she thinks it's too soon for Maxie to be dating anyone and Mac promises to keep an eye on them.

Liesl is the next one to stop a kiss, warning Austin not to hurt Maxie. Austin says he made amends for giving Victor information. Liesl says he needs to make penance for Maxie's sake, but Maxie tells Liesl to forgive Austin.

Robert tells Anna that he's there for her and reminds her that Peter is the one who did all the damage. Anna believes Victor was helping Peter and is probably responsible for Luke's death.

Mac and Felicia join them. They discuss the case against Victor and how Drew is the key. Felicia says they need to prove that Victor killed Luke and Anna says they're going to Austria. Mac doesn't want Felicia taking the risk. Robert says Maxie and the baby need her in Port Charles. The women say going together will cause the least suspicion with Victor. Robert agrees that for Luke, they need to stop Victor. 

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