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WATCH: Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Talk Show's Cancellation: "This is Show Business" (VIDEO)

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon finally speaks out regarding his freshman daytime talk show's cancellation. On Thursday, Cannon addressed his self-titled chatfet being cancelled after one season and explained it was all "show business" and how grateful he was to have the chance to enter the daytime arena with The Nick Cannon Show

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Cannon told his audience:

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It's interesting. This is show business, and the biggest word is 'business.' I show up each and every day, bright and early, to give you a show, and I am also a businessman. This has been a dream come true. I want to expand and elevate. We ain't going nowhere, but it's about broadening my audience. You have become my family. Thank you. We laugh together. We cry together; we pray together. I do what I can, and we let God do what I can't.

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Cannon let fans know that, although the show aired for just six months, there are still more episodes to come and thanked them for allowing him to entertain them. Cannon stated:

We still have more shows. This isn't the last show. We have a month of shows that's going to be on. This has been a blessing and dream come true. Thank you for letting me come into your homes.

Watch Cannon's speech to the audience below.