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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Tells Ridge He Is Better Off With Taylor

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for March 10, 2022
Brooke Logan Forrester, Days of Our Lives

Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Bye, Bye, Bye: They begin reviewing the events of the past few weeks. Brooke is STILL confused about all that happened. Ridge just wanted to make sure she was okay and not drinking. Brooke is touched by his concern. Then, she goes into a diatribe about her own self-destruction. For the love…Brooke wants Ridge to be truly happy so she is sending him on his merry way to steady, predictable Taylor. She will give him a divorce.

Throw Mama From The Train: Grace continues her bizarre demand that Zende is the ONLY man for her daughter. Zende wonders if there is another man in Paris’ life. Grace adoringly says there is no one else but Zende. He is so unclear about why Grace is supporting him in this way. He tells her that he was about to propose on New Year’s Eve. Zende thinks that Paris is about “that single life.” He just doesn’t know what changed. Grace thinks he needs to go through with the proposal.

Deep Touches: Paris is smooching up on Carter whilst he thinks OF HER MOTHER. Paris clearly has no idea what her mother has done as she continues to try and convince Carter of their amazing connection. They begin to play “truth or truth”.

Paris would do anything to be with Carter, but he is unclear on their connection. He thinks she deserves to be with a man who can give her the best of everything…not him, but Zende. Paris can barely remember Zende’s name since Carter “touch[ed] her in such a deep way.” Paris and Carter then say I love you just as Grace comes along banging on the door.

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Random Thoughts:

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-Repeat random thought: I’m confused - Why does Carter think he can’t give Paris the best of everything?

-Steffy is insufferable.

-Steady and predictable is never gonna keep Ridge home at night.

-All this history didn’t need to be ignored to demonize Brooke.

-Please give Grace a backstory and something else to do.

-I am kind of living for Brooke letting Ridge go and giving him what he says he wants.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.