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Days of Our Lives Recap: Craig Shuts Down Sonny and Will's Attempts to Discredit Leo

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 11, 2022
Craig Wesley, Days of Our Lives

Kevin Spirtas

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem Inn: Craig closes the door on Sonny and Will. Sonny yells outside the door until Craig invites them in and states they won't change his feelings about Leo. Craig listens to Sonny's history with him, including the sexual harassment suit and the accidental murder. That's enough for Craig. He tries to usher them out, but Sonny claims to have proof that Leo wants his money and not him. Craig tells him he knows about the emerald caper. He asks if the duo know about Leo's abusive father. Sonny doesn't think Craig is naive, but he wishes someone had given him a warning. They leave and Leo returns.

Grant's apartment: Eli informs Paulina the twins are with Lani and staying the night with Abe. Paulina tells Eli about going over to TR's apartment with the flowers he sent. She opens up about the conversation she had with TR about how he's changed. Eli offers to do a legal background check on him.

Julie's Place: Leo questions Brady as to what he may be suspicious of. Brady lies and says he randomly ran into Chloe. Leo asks Brady to join him them. Chloe wants to know the real Leo...the one her father knows. He fills them in on some dry details and they pretend to be interested. Leo isn't fooled and wonders if they're keeping him there while Will and Sonny talk with Craig. Chloe admits she will never trust Leo. Leo claims he loves Craig and leaves the two alone.

Later, Sonny and Will report to Brady and Chloe that it didn't go well with Craig.

Horton Square: Lani runs into TR with the twins in tow and tells him they're going to Abe's. TR offers to buy her a drink at the pub after she drops the kids off. Lani turns him down.

Brady Pub: Nancy tells Bonnie she's crying because of her, "big, fat, gay, husband." Nancy apologizes for her attempt at humor, saying she's trying to make something serious funny. She spills all the tea to Bonnie, who's sympathetic. Nancy admits she's lost her best friend. Bonnie thinks she should fight fire with fire and find herself a boy toy. Bonnie offers to be her Fairy Godmother. They go to the mansion for a makeover.

TR is getting tired of waiting to see if Lani will show up. She appears when he's ready to leave. Lani lays down that Abe is her father and she's meeting him against her better judgement.

The Final Yards:

-Eli makes a call to the ISA about TR.

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-TR finds it humorous that Lani also likes her fries with mayo.

-Nancy emerges with a new, but familiar, look.

-Craig and Leo are in bed talking about their respective ambushes.

-Sonny says he has another idea (no doubt it's brilliant).

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Random Thoughts:

-Bonnie's gay friend story is a bit tough to swallow considering the history we know about her.

-You have to be smarter than Leo to outsmart Leo and I don't think Brady is the man for the job.

-Will and Sonny surely didn't help Chloe's cause...they have too much dirt under their own manicured nails.

-I liked it when Craig stood up for Leo with such conviction.

-I didn't like how the Scooby gang wrote off Leo's abusive, homophobic father as his ticket to Craig's heart.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!