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Y&R's Robert Newman Discusses Ashland's Cat and Mouse Game With Victor and Love For Victoria

Robert Newman, The Young and the Restless

Cutthroat business tycoon Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) is making waves and mouths drop by outsmarting and hustling the great Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and the man himself on The Young and the Restless. Viewers are watching Locke's scheme to take over Newman-Locke for himself by pretending to have a rare and deadly form of cancer.

Now, Victor is onto Ashland and is gearing up to call his bluff. but will Ash fold and roll over? TV Insider spoke with Newman to find out what's going on in Genoa City and if Ashland will get one over on the Newmans. According to Newman:

It’s like a fast-moving speed chess game that these two are playing, where Ashland is just trying to stay one move ahead.

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Does Newman see some similarities with Victor and Ash and could they somehow become allies? Viewers know Victor has a checkered past (locking up his first wife's lover in a cage. feeding him rats. for starters) himself, so he can relate to Ashland's issues.

TV Insider: It sounds a lot like from your perspective or Ashland's perspective. they are cut from the same cloth, because. like you said. Victor has also done some duplicitous things in his past. Is that something where you think that these guys could eventually like maybe become friends or at least allies instead of butting heads, at this point partners, maybe? I don't mean that in the sense of personal relationship.

Robert Newman: Partners, maybe? I mean, in terms of business partners, very possibly. I would think there would also be something to explore there. I don't know if you can have two top dogs; there's usually only one, and so I don't know if they could ever kind of coexist on that equal level. I think that that was where they were intending to go. There's enough about Ashland's journey to get where he is now; I'm trying to be careful of how I phrase these things because I don't want to get into what's coming. There's enough that the audience already knows about Ashland that makes his journey to get these companies merged and to get control, makes them questionable, has again ethically questionable things. So I think that there's plenty of ammunition on Victor's part to come after him, and again, you get into defending your daughter and protecting your daughter I can clearly relate to that as Robert, I would do anything to protect my daughter, and I think that's part of what's playing for Victor as well.

Does Ashland really love Victoria or is this all a sham to snatch Newman-Locke? According to Newman:

In my view, Ashland’s love for Victoria is real. He’s figuring out how to protect his part of the business, but I personally think he’s petrified of losing her.

Watch the interview here.