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Perkie's Observations: Carly Fights For Josslyn on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 11, 2022
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Liz tells her boys that she and Finn are taking time apart so she can focus on their family. She says they are her number one priority and tells Jake she made an appointment for him with a therapist. Jake gets upset that Liz thinks there's something wrong with him, though Cameron points out it might be good for him to speak to someone. Jake swears he's fine and doesn't need to speak to a shrink. Liz says with Jason and Franco's losses, none of them are fine. Jake agrees to see Dr. Massey.

Jake gets an email and Cameron stops him from opening it. Liz asks Cameron for details and he tells her about the sex tape. Cameron says people are calling Josslyn a slut and it's not right. Liz offers to listen, but Cameron says he can't talk to her about this. She promises he'll get through this.

Finn tells Chase that things have slowed down with Liz because Jake might be acting out. Finn explains Jake's past and thinks he might be crying out for help. Finn wishes he could be there for Liz, but knows he wouldn't be respecting her wishes. Finn asks Chase about Brook Lynn and Chase admits he hasn't heard from her since she took off to Bensonhurst.

Josslyn tells her mother she can't go back to school. Carly promises to fix things and questions whether Josslyn is pregnant. Josslyn explains about the night at the cabin. She admits how someone filmed her and Cameron, and sent it to the school.

Carly calls Spinelli to take the video off the web. Josslyn mentions that Spencer and Esme left early, leaving only Trina at the cabin, and Esme pointed the finger at her. Carly questions if Josslyn believes Trina is capable. Josslyn mentions Trina getting drunk and forgetful. Josslyn worries that everyone at school believes she did it on purpose and can't face them.

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Carly says Josslyn has nothing to be ashamed of and she can't control what people think. Carly says not everyone is judging her, but Josslyn says she won't be able to live it down. Carly finds out from Spinelli that he was able to wipe the video from all public websites. She says Spinelli is on his way to the cabin to look for a camera and promises to find out who did it, and make them pay.

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Brook Lynn walks on Michael and Willow kissing. She tells them she needed to get away, but now she needs to get back to real life. They understand how giving up Bailey would be hard on her. Michael relates to it with how he took Avery from Sonny for five months and how it hurt when he gave her back. Brook Lynn admits that giving up the baby has been difficult, but she'll get over it and go back to her life.

Brook Lynn praises Chase for stepping up when she needed him. Brook Lynn swears there's nothing between them other than friendship, though Michael thinks there's more. Brook Lynn doesn't want to lose Chase's friendship. Chase finds out from Willow that Brook Lynn is back in town and heads to the mansion to see her.

Esme interrupts Nikolas and Ava planning their vow renewal. Nikolas says they've decided to invite the whole family, but Esme tells him not to bother inviting Spencer. Esme says Spencer will never accept Ava as part of the family, but Nikolas says she's not going anywhere.

Esme talks up Nikolas, saying he's not who she thought he was. Esme says, according to Spencer, Nikolas' focus is only on Ava, but he says Ava is not a threat to Spencer. Esme apologizes for her part in hurting them and says she wants to make amends. She offers to talk to Spencer about the vow renewal.

Ava gets a call from Kevin that there is no change with Ryan because he's still locked-in. Ava says she's relieved they can plan the vow renewal and Ryan can't do anything to them.

Josslyn and Carly run into Esme who pretends to be sympathetic. Carly's got something to say. 

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