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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Hope Pushes Brooke to Buck Up and Fight For Ridge

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for March 14, 2022
Hope Logan, Brooke Logan Forrester, The Bold and The Beautiful

Annika Noelle, Katherine Kelly Lang

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap: 

Tridge Trudges Forward: Ridge is making out with Taylor after Brooke sent him on his way. Taylor stops it before it goes too far, but makes sure to tell Ridge she enjoyed it. Taylor thinks it must have been hard for Brooke to give him his freedom and he needs to figure out what “freedom” means to him. Ridge says all he knows is he wants to move on from the drama and heartache. Taylor thinks they should leave the drama to their grandchildren. That being said, Taylor tells Ridge she is enjoying spending time with him and has missed him. He climbs on the bed and they continue their make out session. 

Embracing “Slut From the Valley”: Brooke is reviewing the events of her breakup with Ridge when Hope enters and asks if she is still fighting for her marriage. Brooke explains that she sent Ridge to Taylor to live a life without misery. Hope can’t believe she is giving up. Ridge is the love of her life. She can’t give him up without a fight. Brooke thinks maybe Ridge is better off with “calm” “sweet” Taylor. As Hope presses Brooke to reconsider, she begins to wonder if she made a mistake sending Ridge away. Brooke thinks maybe Stephanie was right. She knew she was “The Slut From the Valley.”  Hope gets really irked and reminds Brooke that Taylor is human and there are real reasons why her relationships with Ridge broke up in the past and real reasons why Taylor stayed away. Brooke admits she hopes Ridge will just come home. She will always love him. Why did she let her destiny slip away?

Thomas’ Pesky Conscience: Thomas is reviewing his last conversation with Sheila where she told him how she got Brooke to drink. Steffy enters and wonders what’s going on with him. What is up with the attitude shift towards Brooke? Thomas thinks there is no reason to kick her when she’s down. He reminds Steffy that RJ will always connect Brooke and Ridge. She REALLY wants Thomas to remember that Brooke brought all of this heartache on herself. 

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough: Grace remains stunned that her daughter is actually making adult decisions. She and Carter are in love. Grace can’t believe Paris is in love with the man who caused her other daughter so much pain. Further, she will not be letting this foolishness continue. Paris tries to remind her mother that she and Zende are not exclusive. Grace URGES Carter to tell Paris to go back to Zende. Paris reminds Grace that she is not a child and she has no right to meddle in her love life. Carter turns to Paris and says Grace is right. He loves her too much to let her ruin her life. If Zende proposes, he thinks Paris should say yes.

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Random Thoughts:

-Taylor’s hesitancy to be all in with Ridge is a nice change of pace. 

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-Ridge, once again, “choosing” Taylor because of Brooke is an irksome “wash, rinse, repeat.”

-Hope’s re-emerging backbone is refreshing. 

-I miss Stephanie Forrester and her bellhop pant suits!

-FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S HOLY, please give Grace something else to do. 

-If Grace can’t have other things to do, can we at least get some sort of motivation for her crazed behavior? 

-The split of the episode between Taylor/Ridge, Brooke/Hope, and Thomas’ conscience made the ending triple pic very well done. 

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap.