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Days of Our Lives Recap: The Devil Dumps Johnny for Belle

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 14, 2022
Belle Black Brady, Days of Our Lives

Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Lani and Eli's: Eli's not thrilled to hear about Lani's meeting with TR. Eli offers his trust and support to her, but not TR. He lets Lani know about the background check.

DiMera mansion: Will has a chat with Johnny, but Johnny tells him his misplaced righteous indignation is very Horton of him. Will shouts at him and says what he's doing to Marlena is unforgivable. Johnny claims she understands the movie has to be made. Will tells Johnny that Marlena is losing patients and may be asked to step down from her job. Johnny scoffs when Will suggests to rewrite the story without the Devil.

Horton Square: Allie and Chanel refuse TR's script. He reminds them they have a signed contract, but they threaten to expose him for his past. TR tells him to talk with Johnny since he has the final say. Chanel decides to face Johnny about it. 

Sketchy park: TR meets with Frank, who hands off some heroin and other drugs to TR. He adds that he lives nearby and is only a text message away.

After Frank leaves, Eli approaches. TR drops the heroin on the ground while pocketing the other drugs. Eli tells him about his meeting with Beth.

Brady Pub: Susan is caught looking at the back of Belle's coat. Susan claims the Devil is in Belle. Shawn explains there were only ashes on her coat and not 666. He adds that Belle hasn't been acting any differently. Susan pulls out the cross and Belle doesn't react. Susan decides to go to Marlena's. Belle worries the Devil's not done with Salem.

Marlena and John's: Ben stops by to tell a surprised Marlena that the Devil is in Belle. He explains his and Ciara's suspicions about Johnny and why they contacted Susan.

Susan tells Marlena she didn't feel anything when she was with Belle and tells her to be careful. Marlena promises they will work together to protect the baby.

Salem PD: Eli is approached by a woman named Beth, who says she's TR's ex-girlfriend. Eli comes clean about his relationship with Lani and TR. Beth explains he was using heroin during their six months together and claims he beat her up. She says she was in the hospital and there are photos to prove it. Beth warns Eli to keep his wife and children away from TR.

Johnny/Chanel: Johnny is reluctant to recast Chanel and Allie. Chanel tells him they will make his life miserable if he doesn't. Johnny uses Chanel's passionate anger to ask if she still wants him. Chanel admits that some feelings just don't go away. Johnny agrees to recast if Chanel drops her lawsuit.

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Johnny/Belle: Belle talks to Johnny about Susan's accusations. When she's telling her story, Belle realizes that the Devil is in Johnny. When she tries to leave, Johnny stops her.

The Final Yards:

-Lani looks for Eli at the PD and runs into Beth.

-TR claims that Beth is lying. Eli stoops down and picks up the heroin and accuses TR of using.

-Allie and Will commiserate about sexual confusion.

-Chanel returns to find Johnny passed out on the floor.

-Marlena goes to the mansion and meets a possessed Belle.

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Random Thoughts:

-Johnny throws up that Horton privilege in Will's face.

-Susan's Devil is radar is way off the mark.

-Will's presence has put some pop into the family drama as the roving middleman.

-It sure didn't take TR long to expose his true self.

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