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General Hospital's Amanda Setton Sounds Off on Saving BaileyLou and Getting Closer to Chase

Amanda Setton

General Hospital viewers have seen the evolution of Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), better known as BLQ, from selfish schemer to fierce mama bear. Brook Lynn initially set out to pass off Bailey as Valentin's (James Patrick Stuart) in order to snatch back control of ELQ to gain favor with her father Ned (Wally Kurth). Sure, BLQ wasn't being altruistic by helping Maxie (Kirsten Storms) keep her child away from sociopath Peter (Wes Ramsey), but during the charade she placed her own needs on the backburner and continued to make sure little BaileyLou was safe until she was reunited with her mother.  

What was it all like for Setton? The actress spoke to SoapHub and explained her absence from the canvas.

Soap Hub: Why did Brook Lynn leave Port Charles? 

Amanda Setton: I think the loss of Bailey devastated Brook Lynn in a way that she didn’t expect. Her ‘m.o.’ is to run. She got out of Dodge, out of Port Charles, and anything that would trigger her. Bailey was in her world for most of the last year. Leaving her hit Brook Lynn hard. She’s coming back to Port Charles now because it’s where she belongs.

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While Brook Lynn and Maxie worked together to protect Bailey, Det. Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) quickly came onboard to help the cause. Viewers saw Chase and Brook Lynn get a little closer and sparks fly between the two. How does Setton feel about the latest developments? She said:

I think the friendship and ultimately sort of falling for each other surprised both of them. It started out that nobody saw coming with all the arrests in the beginning of their relationship. He was then with Willow [Tait, Katelyn MacMullen]. She was sticking up for Michael [Corinthos Quartermaine, Chad Duell]. I think what’s happened between Chase and Brook Lynn surprised both of them that they’ve fallen for each other. I think that’s why Brook Lynn isn’t giving in to her feelings. She can’t fall for Chase — they’re friends! I do love working with Josh. He’s such an amazing actor, so present, so specific, and so there with you. There were these pauses and beats in our scenes and they were really rich and fun to watch.

Fans also were excited to see Brook Lynn and her grandmother Tracy (Jane Elliot) spar once again and also being in cahoots together. What was it like working with the legendary actress? Setton stated:

It’s such a joy and pleasure to work with Jane. She’s what you said — a force of nature. Her presence walks into the room before her, and I mean that in the most complimentary way. I want to be as present as I can be, so I am able to play anything she gives me. Working with her is a joy. Brook Lynn and Tracy don’t really like each other. But there’s a comfort in that in a way. Who did Brook Lynn go to when she needed a baby? There’s a trust there as much as they push each other’s buttons. Tracy is still Brook Lynn’s ‘Granny.’ You can see how in some ways they’re similar.