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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Rescues Esme From Carly's Clutches on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 14, 2022
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Nikolas Cassadine, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma

On today's General Hospital recap: Chase complains to Brook Lynn about taking off right after they kissed. Brook Lynn says it has nothing to do with the kiss and about giving up the baby and how hard it was. She also believes the kiss was just confusion over playing house together. Chase says he misses their friendship.

Chase opens the box and takes out a journal that she left behind. Brook Lynn is upset that he has it and  chastises him, saying she doesn't show her song book to anyone. Chase apologizes for invading her privacy and praises her songwriting ability. He says she can make a career out of it.

Carly prevents Esme from leaving. Esme says she feels guilty for riling up Trina at the cabin, but Carly refuses to believe Trina was behind the sex tape. Carly says she was like her at Esme's age, but if Esme doesn't stop, things won't be so civil. Carly believes Esme did it, despite her denials and promises to find proof.

Esme spots Nikolas across the room and snipes about Carly's bed not being empty for long. Carly grabs Esme's arm as she tries to leave, so Esme cries out, causing Nikolas to come to her rescue. Nikolas accuses Carly of assault and helps Esme leave.

Carly apologizes to Josslyn and swears she barely touched Esme. Carly says the video was meant to hurt Josslyn and throw her off balance. She promises that all the pain will eventually go away. Carly tells Josslyn to let Cameron in and to rally around Trina. She says whoever is responsible will pay.

Nikolas takes Esme to the hospital to get checked out. She says her arm is bruised and shows him a giant bruise on her arm. Esme says she takes responsibility for her mistakes and swears she didn't do this. Esme says the others blame her for everything that's gone wrong and Nikolas asks if they are right.

Esme says she and Spencer were nowhere near the cabin when the taping took place. Nikolas points out that her track record isn't great, but Esme says the other won't let her move on. Nikolas tells her not to give up and promises to support her. Esme promises to work on Spencer to get him to the vow renewal. Nikolas is grateful and Esme holds his hands, promising him good things.

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Cameron stops by to wish Spencer a happy birthday, but gets a chilly reception. Spencer accuses Cameron of filming the sex and uploading it, which Cameron denies.
Cameron says he didn't set up the tape, leaving only Esme or Trina. Cameron says Esme feels so jealous of Trina that she did it, but Spencer says they had already left when the footage was taken. Cameron says she could have set it up then left, but Spencer denies it. Cameron swears on everyone that he loves that he didn't do it.

Cameron is worried about Josslyn and how she's being called vile names. Spencer apologizes for accusing Cameron. Spencer tells Cameron to check in with Trina, but Cameron says Esme is pointing the finger at her. Spencer says he knows for certain that Trina didn't do it and remembers running into her at the cemetery.

Cameron says the only other person is Esme, though Spencer continues to deny it. Cameron says if Esme wasn't around, Spencer and Trina would be a thing and asks point blank if Spencer doesn't have his suspicions about Esme.

Britt and Brad enjoy a meal together. Britt says they have to live with the mess that Peter left in his wake. Britt asks about Selena, but Brad says she's still out of town. Brad asks for a job at the hospital, but Britt says it would be hard to get Lucas' coworkers to go for it. Brad worries what Selena will want him to work there, so Britt agrees to try.

Selena stops by The Savoy to talk to Curtis about partnering with him. She wants a joint business venture, but Curtis is not interested. He says the club is a legitimate business, but she says she just needs the club twice a month for a high stakes poker night. Curtis refuses to allow illegal gambling. She swears that it would be on the up and up, and that Curtis is a well respected businessman. Selena mentions his ties to Jordan, which would keep the game legitimate.

Selena says Curtis would oversee Brad and promises to keep him on a tight leash. Curtis decides he's not interested, but Selena continues to try to convince him. She promises she'd be a good friend for him to have.

Carly calls Diane for help with Josslyn.

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