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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Victor Turns to Nick For Help Against Ashland

Victor Newman, The Young and the Restless

Victor: Mr. Moneybags (Eric Braeden) turns to Nick (Joshua Morrow) for help regarding Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Ashland (Robert Newman). Nick has been gun-shy over getting involved after trying to tell his sister about her husband. Victor asks Nick to speak with Victoria about Ashland and let her know he's been playing them all for fools about his health. Nick agrees to his dad's request. Later, Victor fills Adam (Mark Grossman) in on what's going on, and the black sheep Newman is livid about what's taking place. Victor tells Adam that Victoria will not be receptive to him telling her about Ashland, given the two's history.

Adam then comes up with the idea of leaking Ashland's lies to the press and letting the public devour him. Victor lights into Adam, accuses him of benefiting from Victoria's pain, and tells him he doesn't want her publicly humiliated. Victor wants the family to band together and decimates Ashland for his duplicity.

Chelsea: The con artist-designer (Melissa Claire Egan) goes to Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) for some help.

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Billy: The Abbott screw-up (Jason Thompson) gets checked by Victor.

Victoria: The Newman heiress' world is rocked.

Nate: Dr. Hastings (Sean Dominic) is still doubtful about Ashland faking his cancer, but all that changes when Victor presents his friend's X-rays. Nate is stunned to see there was no cancer and also gets proof Ash never had chemo.

Nate heads to Society to confront Ashland with the information he has. Ashland tries to act as if Nate has the wrong X-rays, but when he sees his pal isn't buying what he's selling, Ashland resorts to threats. Ashland tells Nate he'll crush his medical career if he doesn't keep quiet. Nate fires back; he isn't scared of Ashland and isn't shaken by his threats.