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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Gets a Money Trail of Ashland's Dealings in Peru

The Young and the Restless Recap for March 14, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Los Angeles: Allie is confused about Jack's claim since Keemo never mentioned him and never knew him. Jack tells her about their relationship and offers a picture as proof. Allie doesn't want to believe that Jack is her pawpaw, but Jack fills her in on his rocky relationship with Keemo. Allie wonders what Jack wants from them. Jack shows her the letters Keemo wrote to him.

Phyllis asks if it's possible if Keemo's ex-wife sent the texts. Allie doesn't know and gets mad at Jack. She tells him if Keemo had no reason to reconcile with him, then she doesn't either. Allie asks them to leave. Jack tells Allie he can't walk away. He asks her to take her time and reminds her that someone lured him there. Allie claims she's not interested.

Newman-Locke: Victor wastes no time and visits Victoria. She wants and apology, but Victor wants her to see his files. Victoria shreds her daddy a bit and asks him to leave. Victor refuses to stand by and watch her be deceived. He doesn't see why an enemy would concoct such as story, but Victoria claims he has no proof. Victor tells her Michael sent proof from Peru. She claims it's all about the business and tells him Ashland is now co-CEO.

Victor tells her what Michael found in Peru and says he sent the files. Victoria gets concerned when Victor says that Michael disappeared while searching for the evidence. Victor claims that Ashland knew that Michael was investigating him. He leaves the files with Victoria and apologizes for being the messenger. Victor says he loves her, then leaves the office.

Society: Nikki spies Ashland and starts to head out. Ashland wants her to hear him out. He claims that he would never hurt Victoria that way. Nikki wants to believe in Ashland, but can't ignore Victor's claims. Ashland asks if Victor has even more proof than before. He pleads with Nikki to be on his side. Nikki keeps Ashland in a boss. She tells him if he's being honest, then they best find the truth quickly.

Newman Media: Nikki and Victor chat about the latest with Ashland. Victor tells her Victoria was furious, but didn't take it personally. Nikki worries if the damage is irreparable. Victor concedes it will be traumatic for her, but has no doubt about the proof.

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Ashland/Victoria: Victoria tells him that Michael disappeared in Peru. Ashland asks if Victor also blames him for that. Victoria tells Ashland about the money trial that leads back to a small company owned by Locke. Victoria wants to know why that small company is sending steady payments to a doctor in Peru who's connected to his treatment.

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Random Thoughts:

-Ashland sounds desperate, doesn't he? I'm not sure I'd believe him.

-Jack's story took a turn for the better with the addition of Allie.

-Nikki is no fool...thankfully.

-Does Victoria have the proof she needs?

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