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Days of Our Lives Recap: Eli Gets Shot When He and TR Struggle With His Gun

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 15, 2022
Eli Grant, TR Coates, Days of Our Lives

Lamon Archey, William Christian

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Salem PD: Lani wants to talk with Beth about TR, but Shawn comes in. He tells Lani he needs her as backup because shots were fired in the park.

Sketchy park: TR denies the heroine is his, but Eli presses the issue. Eli wants TR to empty his pockets and show him what's in the bag, but TR refuses. When TR walks away, Eli grabs his arm and puts it behind his back. They exchange heated words and Eli says he's going to arrest him. TR reaches back for Eli's gun. While they struggle for control, the gun fires. TR helps an unconscious Eli to the ground.

Frank comes back to the park after TR texts him. When he sees Eli, he tries to leave, but TR pulls the gun on him. He tells Frank he needs his help.

Lani rushes to Eli and starts CPR while Shawn calls for help. The EMTs take Eli away.

Horton Square: Allie wants to know if Will thinks she's gay, but he says she has to figure it out for herself. The two talk about attraction. Allie tells Will about her feelings for Chanel and Tripp. Will thinks Allie may be bisexual, but advises her to take her time before throwing a label on it.

DiMera mansion: Marlena yells at the Devil to leave Belle alone, but no dice. BelleDevil gets tired of Marlena's pleas and grabs her by the throat, threatening to kill her. Chanel comes in and BelleDevil nails her feet to the floor to keep her in place. While BelleDevil and Chanel yell at each other, Johnny sneaks up behind BelleDevil and cracks her on the skull.

Marlena tends to Belle and the Devil shifts back into Johnny. JoDevil worries about Belle coming around and being a danger to them. They tie Belle up on a bed to keep her secure. Marlena offers to sedate her and Chanel leaves.

Salem Inn: TR gets back to his room and freaks out about what he did to Eli. An eerie calm comes over him and he talks himself through cleaning up his mess. TR realizes he has to deal with Beth and gives her a call. He wants to know if she talked to anyone else besides Eli. TR wants to meet with her to make a deal before she signs a statement with the police.

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The Final Yards:

-Beth comes to the Salem Inn, but she is hesitant to be alone with TR. 

-TR covered his tracks...It appears that Frank shot Eli, then died from an overdose.

-Belle will be asleep for hours, so JoDevil sends Marlena home with a reassuring hug.

-Chanel tells Allie about what happened at the DiMera mansion.

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Random Thoughts:

-TR gave good creepy villain vibes in that hotel room, especially when he shifted from panic to logic. This version of him is better.

-The Devil must like a good square dance.

-Will and Allie were awesome. I liked the talk about was very open, honest, and adult.

-Oh Beth...why are you spilling all your plans to your abuser?

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