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Perkie's Observations: Sonny and Michael Butt Heads Over Wiley on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 15, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava checks in with Nina about getting visitation with Wiley. Nina says Sonny offered to talk to Michael and Willow on her behalf. Ava says Sonny is trying to impress her since he can't be without a woman. She asks if Nina wants Sonny in return, but Nina mentions how Sonny is not the same man he was in Nixon Falls.

Willow's thrilled to get her passport. Sonny arrives to tell Michael and Willow they need to get on the same page regarding Nina. Willow complains that Nina tried to exploit her to get a visit with Wiley and it won't happen. Michael says they don't trust Nina, but Sonny reminds them that grandparents have rights.

Michael says a judge would have to decide. Sonny says he can convince Nina not to petition the courts. Michael doesn't want Nina to have access to Wiley. Sonny says the court could rule against him. Willow says she doesn't trust Nina and Michael doesn't understand why Sonny does. Michael accuses Sonny of choosing Nina's interests over his family. Sonny denies it, but Michael pushes. Sonny says things didn't work out for him when he came home and he's trying to do right by Michael. Michael tells Sonny to respect the decision they've made for Wiley. Willow says Wiley is a child and Nina has confused him enough.

Monica invites Finn to a dinner for the department heads and tells him to bring Liz. Finn tells her they've hit the pause button. Monica is sorry to hear it. She explains about her history with Liz and her former marriage to her father. She says she feels badly that Jeff doesn't have a relationship with Liz and her kids.

Jake arrives and Finn questions why he's wandering the halls. Jake admits he had an appointment with the therapist, but took off. Finn says Jake needs to go back otherwise hospital security will be alerted. Jake refuses, saying he's tired of everyone accusing him of torching Franco's studio. Jake complains the therapist thinks badly of him, but he doesn't understand why anyone would think he'd hurt Liz since she lost Franco too. Finn points out that Liz is moving on from Franco. Jake says he had no problem with Finn dating Liz so long as he treated her right. Finn brings up the painting and how no one broke in to leave it. He wonders what Jake was really doing that day. Jake says he can't tell them the truth because Liz won't forgive him.

Liz complains to Drew about the things happening to her family and how the signs are pointing to Jake. Drew has a hard time believing it, but Liz reminds him of Jake's darkness after he was taken by Helena.

Monica finds Liz and tells her about Jake wandering the halls and demands to know what's happening. Liz tells Monica that she made an appointment with Dr. Massey because Jake is having behavioral issues. Monica understands since Jake lost Franco and Jason within the same year. Drew offers to be there for Liz through this. Liz says she hasn't been paying attention to her boys since Franco's death. Drew is certain that Liz has the strength to get Jake through it.

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Victor updates Johan about getting the tarot card to access Drew's memories. Victor wants to activate Drew's conditioning, but Johan warns him that Drew will be onto him. Victor says if it doesn't work, that Drew will need to be eliminated.

Victor runs into Ava and Nina, who's less than thrilled with his presence, and Ava chastises her. After Victor leaves, Nina wonders why Ava was so sweet with him and Ava says she's trying to be nice because Victor is family

In Innsbruck, Austria, Anna and Felicia search for proof that Luke's death was not accidental, but murder. The two go undercover to try and get access to the evidence from the accident. The record keeper leaves them alone to check the records. Anna finds paperwork to show the train car was delayed by fifteen minutes, but no record of why.

Victor gets a call from the record keeper and tells him that someone is looking into the details of the crash. Victor tells him to handle it by any means necessary. Later, Anna is alone when the guy shows up with a gun. (Now where's Felicia and her trusty crowbar/branch!!)

Sam and Dante explain to Laura about leaving the tarot card for Victor, and how he believes it will activate Drew. Robert thinks it's clever, but convoluted. Laura doesn't understand how it's connected to Luke's accident or the Ice Princess.

Laura's deputy mayor shows up, wondering if she needs to be kept in the loop. (Nosey biatch!!) Laura tells Eileen that she's just hanging out with friends, but her assistant chastises her for taking a break in her day. Laura reminds Eileen that she's the boss, but Eileen says as a government official, she needs to account for her meetings. Laura tells Eileen that she believes Luke was murdered and she's working on her own time. She asks Eileen for her trust in keeping this private.

Monica finds Sonny with Michael and Willow, and tells them that for the sake of his children, she's planning on having Jason declared legally dead.

Victor calls Drew to meet in person. 

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