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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Convinces Maggie to Commit Sarah

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 16, 2022
Xander Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Paul Telfer

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

University Hospital: Abe comes to comfort Lani while Eli is in surgery. Lani tells Abe what happened, but doesn't understand why Eli was involved in Frank's case. They talk about the risks of being police officers. Abe consoles Lani.

Salem Inn: Beth can see that TR has been using and tries to leave. He promises to make her a star, but Beth isn't buying it. TR says he will cast her as Celeste in exchange for keeping his private life private. Beth laments the rough road to stardom she's had. (TR's hands are behind his back in fists.) Reluctantly, she agrees to TR's terms.

Kiriakis mansion: Maggie leaves a message for Jake wondering what happened at the DiMera board meeting. Xander comes in to tell Maggie everything that happened to Sarah. Xander gives Maggie papers that will allow her to commit Sarah against her will. Maggie refuses to sign it until she talks to Sarah directly.

DiMera mansion: Anna complains to Tony that he's giving into Sarah's delusions about being "Renée" which is disruptive to their marriage. Anna doesn't think she needs to stay in the guest room and wants Tony to consult with Marlena. "Renée" comes in and says Marlena is tending the woman tied to the bed.

Maggie sees Sarah's rage up close and personal, and agrees to getting her the help she needs. Kayla and a police officer take a very angry Sarah out of the mansion. (Xander called Kayla ahead of time to meet them at the DiMera's.)

Horton Square: Abigail asks Gwen why Ava would want her or Sarah gone, so she thinks it's very clear that Gwen is the culprit. Gwen denies it and says she hardly knows Ava. Abigail says she's going to prove Gwen's involvement, just as Xander appears.

Gwen tells him Abigail accused her of working with Ava even though she has no evidence. Xander gets mad. He explains what he just with through with Sarah and Maggie. Xander blames Abigail for Sarah's misfortune and sends her off. Gwen is grateful for Xander's support.

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Also at the hospital: Maggie addresses her daughter as Sarah. Sarah yells that she's Renée and calls her a stupid bitch. Maggie asks Kayla to leave them alone. Maggie tells Sarah she missed her. "Renée" tells her she hates her.

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Random Thoughts:

-The polka dots were not easy on the eyes.

-Anna's staying in the guest room to appease "Renée"? Oh, hell no!

-Tony's compassion for Sarah is admirable, but it shouldn't interfere with his relationship with Anna.

-Abe is the father Lani needs!

-So glad Maggie and Xander took action to get Sarah committed.

*The show was preempted for about 20 minutes, so please excuse any gaps.*

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