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Perkie's Observations: Liz Is Baffled About Jake's Interactions With Her Parents on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 16, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Victor promises Drew he's not threatening him, but wants to discuss his ELQ voting shares. He asks to meet in person and Drew says to meet him on the bridge.

Finn reassures Jake that no matter what he's done, Liz will be on his side. Liz arrives, questioning why Jake hasn't gone to his appointment. Jake swears that he doesn't need to see the therapist and he wasn't the one to put the portrait on the mantle.

Jake says he was at the library and signed in on their computer. He admits he was talking to Liz's parents via computer. Liz is shocked to hear that her parents reached out to Jake after Jason died. She swears not to be angry, but demands to know what they wanted. Jake says they want to get to know him, and they talk about school and his art. Jake doesn't understand why Liz is upset and wonders if she wants him to hate his grandparents as much as she does, which Liz denies.

When they're alone, Liz complains to Finn about her parents going around her to get to her son. Finn points out this means Jake isn't the one doing the shenanigans against her. Liz agrees and wonders who it is.

Ryan eavesdrops as Spencer tells Esme about Cameron's visit and how neither of them believe that Trina did anything. Spencer questions Esme, who gets upset that he would think she did it. Esme blames Trina and wants Spencer to stop covering for her.

Esme mentions Nikolas and Ava's vow renewal and how they're waiting for Spencer's release. She wants Spencer to attend, then wonders why he seems distracted. Spencer mentions again he doesn't believe Trina made the video. Esme's annoyed with her bad day.

Esme tells Spencer about Carly attacking her and how Nikolas saved her. Spencer can't believe it until Esme shows him the bruise on her arm. Esme complains that everyone hates her. Spencer apologizes and promises to be there for her when he gets out.

Spencer tells her about sneaking out to visit his mother's grave and how he almost got caught by Jordan. Spencer admits Trina was there and covered for him, which angers Esme even more. Spencer says Trina put herself on the line for him and she's a good friend.

Portia tells Trina that she and Curtis are buying Jax's old house together, then wonders why Trina seems less than thrilled. Trina tells her mother about the sex tape and how she hasn't heard from Josslyn or Cameron. Trina says Esme accused her of being responsible for the tape, which angers Portia.

Portia mentions Spencer, but Trina goes to bat for him by putting all the blame on Esme, and claiming Spencer still has potential to be decent. Portia tells her to walk away, and stay away from both Spencer and Esme.

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Carly confronts Cameron (who looks like he might have peed himself a little!). Cameron swears he didn't know they were being recorded. Carly tells him to reach out to Josslyn because she needs him now.

Josslyn and fellow student Adam study together until he makes a rude comment about seeing her naked. He says he saw the video and doesn't understand when Josslyn loses her ish. She yells at him to leave, which he does as Cameron arrives. The two share a hug.

Cameron admits he was worried that she wouldn't want anything to do with him, but Josslyn promises she wants him with her. She tells him about the chemistry jerk who only wanted to see her because of the video. Josslyn says she can't go back to class and should transfer. Cameron refuses, saying he'll be at her side.

The two hold hands, but when someone else walks in and eyes them, Cameron thinks maybe they shouldn't be seen in public together. Josslyn disagrees and the two are ready to get through this together.

Eileen meets with Victor and tells him that Laura believes Luke was murdered and he was behind it. Eileen explains about the meeting Laura had and Victor admits that Anna and Felicia are looking into it as well.

Felicia and Anna manage to get the upper hand on Victor's minion. Anna questions him, but Kurt denies any knowledge of what happened with the cable car. She finds a second burner phone and accuses him of sabotage. He says he's a soldier for a noble cause, then he bites down on a suicide pill and dies.

Anna checks Kurt's phones and calls the number, believing it to be Victor's, but he has Eileen answer instead. Felicia says they still can't tie Victor to Luke's death. Anna thinks that whatever Victor is involved with, is more than just his vendetta against Luke.

Drew runs into Carly, who tells him about the tape and how much pain Josslyn is in. She says Spinelli has taken down the video, but everyone on campus has already seen it. Drew reassures her and promises to be there for her if she needs anything.

Drew gets a text and Carly asks if it's business with Aurora. Drew is cryptic in his answer and Carly realizes that he's going after Victor now that Peter is dead. She reminds him that he's back in Scout's life and not to jeopardize it. Drew promises no heroics and that he'll be careful.

Drew meets Victor on the bridge. 

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