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Finola Hughes Talks Anna Taking Down Port Charles Baddies on General Hospital

Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

No one takes down Port Charles problem-makers quite like Finola Hughes (Anna). First, she helped bring about the long-awaited demise of Peter (Wes Ramsey); now, she is teaming up with Laura (Genie Francis) to tackle Victor (Charles Shaughnessy). Hughes spoke to Soap Opera Digest about these storylines.

Anna and longtime pal Felicia (Kristina Wagner) ultimately helped send Peter on to glory. Hughes said:

Oh, it’s great. It’s so good, so fun. We do giggle a lot, I have to say. We’ve been friends for so long and she’s such a great actress. We’re good foils for each other. I think we always have been. I’ve sort of been the more dour one and Felicia is more peppy and it’s a great mix.

Kristina Wagner, Finola Hughes, General Hospital

Kristina Wagner, Finola Hughes

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Hughes mused of those scenes:

It was written so eloquently. It was so chilling and it’s so strange because you’re just watching someone’s lights go out, that you’re sort of responsible for. I was very much wanting to be part of [Peter’s downfall]. For the longest time, I thought, ‘Oh, Jason [Steve Burton] will kill him. Somebody will kill him that’s just the usual suspect.’ I asked Frank [Valentini, executive producer]; I was like, ‘Do I kill him?’ And he sort of explained it to me and I was bummed! I was like, ‘Oh, I really feel like I should.’ Frank was like, ‘Well, they don’t want you to be responsible for too many deaths.’ I mean, I think there was a sort of consensus among the writers [about that] and I accepted that. And he said, ‘Wait and see how this is written.’ And when I saw it, I just thought it was so artful and very clever.

Anna Devane, Peter August, General Hospital

Finola Hughes, Wes Ramsey

Now, Anna and Laura are in cahoots versus Victor. Hughes said of their partership:

Every time I have scenes with Genie [Francis, Laura], it just gets better and better. We really come from the same kind of upbringing, if you like. Same as Kristina. We all come from the same teacher, Gloria [Monty, former executive producer]. It’s so deep and so easy working with her. You know the scene where Laura and Anna see Victor put his jacket over little Charlotte [Amelia McLain]? We turn and we look at Victor and walk over to him and we just stand in front of him, like, ‘Step away from the child.’ Neither of us spoke to each other about it; it was just so instinctual. She said to me, ‘I think I’m going to whisper in Victor’s ear,’ and I squealed. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s so great!’ And she did it and it was chilling. It was just so good! We are just so fortunate with our cast. It’s an incredible ensemble.