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Days of Our Lives Recap: John Prepares to Exorcise Belle

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 18, 2022
John Black, Days of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Kiriakis mansion: Chad stops by to visit with Sonny and Will. They exchange updates on Abigail and Sarah, and Leo and Craig. Chad gets upset when finds out about Craig, but wonders how they will deflect Leo's attention. They propose sex and money in one package...Chad DiMera.

Salem Inn: Leo wakes up Craig for more love, but he's worn Craig out. Craig offers Leo a dinner break.

DiMera mansion: John arrives. Marlena tells John the Devil moved out of her and into Belle. John is hesitant to believe her story because it doesn't makes sense, but she says Johnny saved Belle from harming her.

Johnny visits a tied-up Belle, who's still knocked out. Johnny talks to her and starts to strangle her. John and Marlena walk in and John asks what the hell he's doing because he has his hands around her neck. Johnny lies and says that she was so still he was checking on her. John tells him to back away and says he's calling the shots. He clearly suspects Johnny until Marlena checks Belle's eyes with a light. Johnny takes Belle's hand and her eyes demonize. 

Marlena is tending to Belle and Johnny is getting annoyed. He wonders if he should kill Marlena. He moves in to strangle her as John returns. He tells Johnny to leave them alone so the Devil doesn't shift into him.

Marlena and John's: Chloe talks to Brady about Leo's involvement with Craig. Brady tries to comfort her. She hopes Sonny and Will's ultimate plan will work. The two start to feel closer. John comes in and grabs his exorcism gear and heads out without a word. After John leaves, Chloe admits she hopes Philip is okay, but it may be time to leave him behind.

Horton Square: Kayla talks to Steve about the board pressuring her to fire Marlena. Craig interrupts and says he overheard her. Just then, Leo comes over and introduces himself as Craig's boyfriend. They aren't thrilled because of how Leo hurt their families. Kayla realizes she shouldn't let someone with Craig's past overhear her talk about problems at work.

Brady Pub: Craig is talking about Chloe with Leo. He worries his impending divorce could push him out of social circles in NY if people side with Nancy. Leo says they don't have to return to NY, but could start up again in Salem.

The Final Yards:

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-John asks Marlena to leave the room as well.

-Johnny worries that John will figure out that Belle is not possessed if he's not in the room. He calls Shawn and urges him to come to the mansion right away.

-Brady's thrilled that Chloe ready to move forward.

-Craig's intrigued by Leo's idea of taking advantage of Kayla's situation with Marlena.

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Random Thoughts:

-Yay! John comes to help Marlena and Belle...and is potentially onto Johnny.

-Sonny and Will have a plan...still not feeling this could go better than something Brady came up with.

-Leo is snarky and fun, but I could feel Craig's discomfort with Steve and Kayla. 

-LOL at Marlena to Johnny: "I'm not in a jokey mood."

-Is anyone actually looking for Philip...or gives a rat's ass that he disappeared?

-Chad couldn't possibly be as clueless as he was today...or can he?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!