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Perkie's Observations: Trina Tells Spencer She's Making Her Last Visit on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 17, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

On today's General Hospital recap: Britt tells Carly that Monica has decided to have Jason declared legally dead. Carly's upset that she will have to live the rest of her life without her best friend. She feels that declaring him dead means they've given up on him.

Drew's curious as to what Victor has up his sleeve. The two discuss the ELQ voting shares, then Victor pulls out the tarot card. Victor says Drew is active and he behaves as though he is. Victor wants to test Drew's activation and tells him to throw Johan over the bridge.

Sam and Dante set up surveillance for Drew and Victor's conversation. Sam worries when Victor gives Drew the order, and Dante wants them to abort. Sam disagrees, telling Dante that Drew will find a way to keep the act going.

Drew grabs Johan and tries to toss him over, but Johan begs for his life, so Victor stops it. Victor tells Drew that he needs information from his Seal days about Operation Demeter. Carly shows up, while videotaping everything on her phone and Victor realizes that Drew was never activated.

Victor leaves as Sam and Dante arrive. Everyone chastises Carly for messing up their chance to find out what Victor is up to. Carly apologizes for stepping into it, but Drew says they have an idea of what Victor is looking for.

Portia runs into Jordan and asks if she considers Spencer dangerous. Jordan says Spencer wasn't charged with a violent infraction. Portia asks about Esme and says she needs to know the risks involved for Trina. Jordan asks if Trina is being threatened, but Portia decides to back off.

Portia tells Curtis about the sex tape and how Esme blamed Trina. Curtis wonders what else is going on and Portia admits she's worried about Trina's attachment to Spencer. She feels Spencer doesn't deserve Trina's loyalty and wishes Trina would move on. Portia worries that Trina is in trouble.

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Spencer's happy to see Trina until she tells him it isn't a social call and it will be her last visit to him. Trina says she can't be in his life as long as Esme is. Spencer says it's not a good time to talk since Esme is working tonight.

Trina says he makes Esme his priority and she should be paying for her own crimes. Esme eavesdrops as Spencer tries to defend himself, but Trina is not interested. She gives him back the book that he gave her. When they're not looking, Esme drops the burner phone into Trina's purse.

Spencer refuses to take the book back. Trina's upset that he keeps asking her to lie for him and tells him to break up with Esme. Trina says Esme filmed Cameron and Josslyn, but Spencer refuses to see it. Spencer says he needs her friendship and not to give up on him. Trina tells him that he needs to get rid of Esme, but he says that he's all Esme has. Trina says Spencer is afraid of the truth.

Esme calls the PCPD anonymous tip line to report Trina for the sex tape, then confronts her. Trina storms out and Spencer tells Esme that Trina wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Nina checks in with Sonny to see if he's spoken with Michael. Sonny tells her that Michael and Willow don't want her to see Wiley. Nina says she'll call Martin to get the paperwork started, but Sonny gets violently angry, which upsets Nina. Nina decides to leave so she doesn't put herself at risk. Sonny says she knows him, but she says she knew Mike. Sonny admits he also misses Mike and talks about Deke and his violence. He apologizes for grabbing her and getting angry.

Sonny admits he's been drinking a lot since he's come home and it's reacting differently with the new meds. He promises he won't use alcohol as a crutch or hurt her again. She tells him to throw the alcohol out.

A reporter questions Jordan about the sex tape, but she's not giving up any information. 

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