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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Is Caught Between His Head and His Heart on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 18, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer says Trina is done with him and Esme finally got what she wanted, but says she hurts if Spencer does. Spencer pushes Esme, who continues to deny making the sex tape. Spencer mentions blowing up the car and Esme says she did that for him. He asks if she did this for him too.

Spencer insists that she tell him the truth about the tape, but Esme spins a yarn about him being friendless other than her. She lays it on thick that she was the only one on his side and he swears she's important to him.

Esme says he's supposed to believe her above everyone else. Spencer swears he's always put her first. Esme tells him to move on from Trina, then gets angry when she reads his inscription in the book. The two argue more until she decides she's done and storms out.

Dante tells Sam they need to find another way to figure out what Victor is up to. The two wonder how they'll get information on a black ops and Sam mentions getting Spinelli involved, which Dante doesn't want.

Carly apologizes again for stepping into Drew's undercover operation. Drew praises her for jumping into the mix to protect him. Drew says he could have hurt her if he'd truly been conditioned. The two make small talk and get flirty. She says she did the right thing by leaving Sonny. Drew says it's time for him to move on. The two bring up Jason and spend 897 hours giving him a tongue bath. Drew makes plans to come over and help Carly with a new security system.

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Shawn complains to Alexis about Harmony's meeting with the forger. Alexis says she told Harmony not to do it, but she did it for Willow. Shawn believes Harmony was only protecting herself.

Shawn brings up his previous question about them giving it another try. Alexis says she's happy that he's in her life, but doesn't want anything more.

Nina is happy to meet Harmony since they share a grandson. Nina says she wants to spend time with Wiley and says grandparents have rights. Nina thinks they can present a united front to get access to Wiley. Phyllis shows up and recognizes Harmony.

Mr .Smoltz continues to push Jordan for answers on the sex tape as TJ comes to his mother's rescue. Jordan insists she has nothing to say, so the reporter heads off to find someone who will.

Michael wants to take Willow to Paris right now and she questions who would watch Wiley while they're gone. Willow asks about Harmony, but Michael wants to discuss it more. Mr. Smoltz interrupts, asking what Michael thinks about Josslyn's sex tape. Mr. Smoltz says no one has taken credit for the video, then makes a disparaging comment about Josslyn.

Michael punches him in the face in front of Jordan. Jordan places Michael under arrest. Willow calls Carly, but then passes out. 

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