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Days of Our Lives Recap: Marlena Thinks The Devil Is Gone Forever

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 21, 2022
Dr. Marlena Evans, Belle Black Brady, John Black, Shawn Brady, Days of Our Lives

Brandon Beemer, Deidre Hall, Martha Madison, Drake Hogestyn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Brady Pub: Craig tells Leo that trashing Nancy is off the table because she's hurt. Leo apologizes, claiming he can imagine her pain since he'd feel the same way. Craig explains the chief of staff job is high pressure and a lot of hours, with no thanks. He says it's not him anymore to take someone's job and wonders why Leo keeps pushing the issue. Leo recites a list of all the shady dealings that have happened under Kayla's reign. Craig thinks it's worth looking into if her job is in danger.

University Hospital: Abigail sees that Kayla's upset and she explains it's about the board. Kayla updates Abigail on Sarah's status. Abigail admits she's trying to ease her conscience because Sarah's psychosis is her fault. Kayla tries to convince her otherwise.

DiMera mansion: John wants to keep people out of the room, but Marlena tells him she's not leaving. Belle starts to wake up and says, "Johnny. It's him." 

Shawn arrives and Johnny explains what happened when BelleDevil was possessed. He adds that John's going to exorcise her. Shawn blames everything on Johnny and his movie.

As Belle tries to explain, Johnny brings Shawn to the room. Johnny touches Belle's leg and BelleDevil comes out. She admits she turned into EJ and stuck her tongue down Abigail's throat. Johnny gets angry for EJ and puts his hands on Belle's throat. John pulls him off and Belle passes out. Johnny agrees to leave the room. When John starts the exorcism, Johnny puts his hand on the door outside. The wind kicks up and the bed shakes. 

Kiriakis mansion: Chad gets angry about Will and Sonny's plan. They try to convince Chad that going to bed with Leo is just that, nothing more. Chad says Craig's bad boyfriend isn't his problem. Will says he should do it for Sonny, who turns on the charm with a single tear. Chad realizes it's about revenge and says he's all in. 

Chad explains to Abigail about their plan and leaves the decision up to her. She agrees and Will makes a call to Craig's room.

Horton Square: Abigail picks a fight with Chad about his inattentiveness when they know Leo is listening. He claims he's been distracted, and she brings up his good times in Phoenix with Will, Sonny, and that guy Leo Stark. Leo, who is alone, seems intrigued.

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The Final Yards:

-Leo comes forward, and Abigail and Chad play up their ruse with him. Leo goes back to the inn with a spark in his eye.

-Craig goes to Kayla to see if there are any jobs available. He says he's willing to start at the bottom.

-Johnny removes his hand and the chaos stops. Belle wakes up clean and Marlena thinks the Devil is gone forever.

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Random Thoughts:

-I'm happy Will and Sonny are back, but man, they're awful sometimes.

-Chad's turnaround was kind of funny. Revenge is okay because he's a DiMera, which is in fact very DiMera.

-I like that Abigail is all in with Chad.

-It seems odd to me the Devil has to have physical contact with Belle. Can't he be a vapor or some other incarnation?

-Leo hasn't changed and neither has Craig. He wants that job.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!