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Raven Bowens Talks Legendary Days of Our Lives Co-Stars and Chanel's Twin Love Interests

Chanel Dupree, Days of Our Lives

Days of Our LivesRaven Bowens (Chanel) guested on Soap Opera Digest's podcast Dishing with Digest. She talked about her time on the soap and her character's relationships, as well as her own co-star bonds.

Bowens revealed that getting in touch with a soap character's dramatic emotions was a challenge for her at first. She added that, she was first trying out for the part of Chanel, she chem-tested with Lamon Archey (Eli), but she initially didn't get the role. 

Now, of course, she's a small-screen star as Paulina's (Jackée Harry) baby girl. Of acting opposite the Emmy winner, Bowens mused:

Love Sister, Sister; love 227. So I was surprised and excited, to say the least, and when I came there, just how she treated me, it was just great. It was really great, and it's been so great to work with her as well.

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Meanwhile, Chanel has been front and center in the Devil possession storyline, as her hubby Johnny (Carson Boatman) was taken over by Satan. She said:

Whew, that was very...Well, first of all, I know what a big deal it was when it was done back in the day, and so for it to be coming back and to be able to participate in the retelling, in a sense, of that storyline, has also been one of those things that's felt very iconic. And working with Marlena, Deidre Hall, as I got to do in this storyline, it was a way for Chanel to be intertwined with a lot of the characters on the show and develop relationships with them, which was probably my favorite thing about it.

Asked about Chanel's feelings for Allie (Lindsay Arnold) and Johnny, Bowens mused:

Well, there's this quote that my acting coach, she always says it, and I think she got it from her acting coach, but it's 'feelings buried alive never die.' I feel like that is the perfect description of this dynamic, so it's like, there's no real resolution to what happened with Johnny or why it happened; it was just out of nowhere, and so no healing has been done there or rationalization.

Oh, and then you add her feelings for Johnny's twin to the mix, and you get a soap opera! Listen to the full interview below.