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WATCH: John McCook Dishes Eric's Logan Loves Ahead of The Bold and The Beautiful's 35th Anniversary (VIDEO)

John McCook, The Bold and the Beautiful

Last Friday, The Bold and the Beautiful's John McCook (Eric) sat down with the show's supervising producerCasey Kasprzyk, for an episode of Bold Live. The pair dished Eric's Logan lady loves and the show's 35th anniversary ep.

One fan asked, in a rather spicy way, why Eric is such an apologist for the Logan ladies. Remember, he hasn't just romanced Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis); he originally wooed their mama, Beth (Judith Baldwin/Nancy Burnett/Robin Riker)! McCook explained:

He love the Logans because they’re innocent and even as they become older and they’ve grown wiser and gotten more sophisticated, he loved Brooke’s innocence. And you have to remember that the Logans‘ mother was Eric’s, the first love of his life, even before Stephanie [Susan Flannery], Beth, Beth Logan. So when he met her again, when she and her daughter Brooke were catering an affair at our mansion, early on, in fact probably during the first week or so, when he saw her again, his jaw dropped and he was blown away. So he has great affection for the Logan girls.

Kasprzyk noted that Eric and Beth meeting again at the event was actually Episode 60. But the throwback moments weren't done yet, as the pair chatted this week's 35th anniversary episode, focused on five of Brooke's great loves.

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Did McCook enjoy seeing former co-stars Winsor Harmon (ex-Thorne) and Jack Wagner (ex-Nick)? He responded:

Yes, yeah. I got really close to Winsor the years that he was on it. He’s a good old boy from Texas, you know, New Orleans and all that. I can never really tell which he’s from. It doesn’t matter because he’s such a wonderful kid, you know, and Jack, I’ve known for years because he and I both did a lot of musical theater when we were younger guys and we crossed paths out there in the summer stock world and we knew each other from there. So it’s fun to connect with them, sure.

And why does Eric keep marrying women who hate Brooke? McCook mused:

Why does Eric keep picking women like that? He knows when a woman has a rough exterior or a confrontational exterior, he knows there's goodness in there, or he wants to believe there is. And he always looks for that and he forgives women like that[...]but it's not because he hates Brooke, because no, no, no, no. I think he's looking for Brooke in all those people and he never finds her in them. 

Peep the full interview below.