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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kate Has a Plan to Help Chad Free EJ From Statesville

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 22, 2022
Kate Roberts, Days of Our Lives

Lauren Koslow

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera Enterprises: Kate comes to Gabi's office only to be fired. Kate warns Gabi that Johnny will turn on her at some point and then she will have no allies.

Belle and Shawn's: Shawn questions Belle about what she remembers. He tells her that she was exorcised. Shawn says he didn't know because the Devil was keeping a low profile until Ciara's baby was born.

Shawn realizes he has a sonogram of the baby's gender. He questions why the Devil didn't want to know what was in the envelope. Shawn finds the sealed envelope was opened. Belle tells Shawn to tell Ciara what happened.

Ben and Ciara's: Jake comes over and they explain that the Devil was in Belle. Jake doesn't think it makes sense and says Susan is wrong about Johnny being clean. Jake tells Ciara everything that happened to him and Gabi. Ciara explains how Belle could have used Johnny as the heavy, but Jake needs to find out for himself.

Shawn gives the envelope back to Ciara so the information can be protected. He tells them that BelleDevil opened it. They decide not to peek at the results.

DiMera mansion: Johnny approaches Chad to tell him it wasn't EJ who kissed Abigail, but BelleDevil. Johnny says BelleDevil confessed before she was exorcised.

Chad feels guilty for what he did to EJ. He calls Kate, who turns up at the mansion. Chad explains what happened with Belle and says he has to make it right with EJ.

Johnny flashes back to returning Belle's briefcase to her house. He opens the envelope with the results.

Statesville: Susan tells EJ that his conviction can be overturned because Belle was possessed and not working in his best interest. Susan claims the exorcism was successful and Belle is back to normal. EJ thinks it will look like a desperate stunt.

Clyde interrupts their visit to use the pay phone. Susan says she know who he is. She warns him to stay away from Clyde because he has a secret, and she can feel it.

Belle/Jake: Jake explains he needs Belle's help trying to confirm his suspicions about Johnny. Jake tells her what happened with Maggie and wants to know where she was at the time. When she goes to her briefcase, she finds Maggie's cell phone. They dive deeper into her documents and Belle thinks she must have forged his signature.

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Johnny/Gabi: Johnny goes to DiMera where she tells him she fired Kate. Johnny assures her he can be trusted. Gabi asks him what he really wants.

The Final Yards:

-Susan stops over to say goodby to Ben and Ciara. She almost reveals the baby's gender.

-Belle tells Shawn about what BelleDevil allegedly did to Jake and Gabi.

-Johnny makes a move on Gabi.

-Jake appears at the Maggie's. She's not there, so Jake leaves a note that he found her phone and to contact him.

-Kate tells Chad they can pin Chad's lie on the Devil

-Clyde tells EJ he may be freed sooner than expected. Suddenly EJ remembers Clyde's presence when he was shot.

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Random Thoughts:

-Susan tries me sometimes, but I love her and EJ.

-Kate always has a back up plan.

-EJ vs Clyde could be interesting. Clyde has a high creepy factor.

-My guess is the Devil didn't cover ALL of his tracks.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!