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Perkie's Observations: Michael Is Arrested For Assault on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 21, 2022
Michael Corinthos, General Hospital

Chad Duell

On today's General Hospital recap: TJ finds Willow passed out on the floor. When she comes to, he insists on calling someone for her and Willow asks for her mother. Epiphany checks her out, but Willow claims she's just worried about Michael and Josslyn.

Diane calls Carly to let her know that Michael was arrested for punching a reporter. Diane tells Michael that the arraignment isn't until tomorrow and he'll spend the night in lockup. Jordan pops in and Michael questions what she's doing to catch whoever ruined Josslyn's life. Carly arrives to check in on Michael. Jordan says there's an ongoing investigation and will let them know when there's anything concrete.

Sonny runs into Shawn. The two discuss The Invader and Alexis working for the paper. Sonny gets the call about Michael and heads to the station.

TJ and Molly join Shawn for lunch, followed by Jordan. TJ gets a bottle of champagne and they toast to their family.

Smoltz heads over to see Alexis and offers her the story of the year, but she's not interested in a tabloid story. Smoltz tells Alexis about the revenge porn on Josslyn. Alexis is annoyed that Smoltz provoked Michael into hitting him, but he says he wants the distinction of an Invader byline. Smoltz asks if they have a deal, as Carly arrives to shut it down.

Carly promises to sue Smoltz and Alexis kicks him out. Carly begs Alexis not to publish the story, though Alexis disagrees. Alexis says it's a big story and someone else will pick it up. She says she can frame the narrative and be respectful. Alexis says Josslyn and Cameron can speak of their experience. Carly says she doesn't want things to get worse for Josslyn. Alexis says she won't do the story if Carly doesn't want but that someone else will do the story. Carly agrees to talk to Josslyn.

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Phyllis recognizes Harmony and tells Nina they worked in the same clinic when Nina was in her coma. Harmony gets the call about Willow and heads out. Nina tells Phyllis about suing for visitation and how she spoke to Harmony about it. Phyllis agrees that Wiley needs all of his grandmothers in his life.

Nina complains about Wiley being the only link to Nelle and wonders if Phyllis would put in a good word with Harmony. Phyllis doesn't want to take sides, but promises to talk to Harmony.

Harmony checks in on Willow, who explains that she passed out due to stress. Harmony throws her weight around to get Willow seen sooner by a doctor. Willow sends Harmony on an errand, while Epiphany starts the IV treatment. Dr. Nelson shows up, unhappy with her for prioritizing Willow over more serious patients, and starting her treatment.

Epiphany complains to Willow about having to defer to doctor's judgements despite her twenty years of experience. Willow thinks she's ready for a change. Later, Epiphany looks up dates to take the MCATs.

Sonny shows up at the PCPD, but Michael tells Sonny he doesn't want his help. Sonny demands to know what's happening with Josslyn, but Michael says she isn't Sonny's family anymore. Sonny says Josslyn is his daughter, but Michael says he prioritizes Nina.

Sonny questions whether Michael wanted him to attack Nina, but Michael counters that Sonny was always about payback, until now. Michael claims Nina is crazy just like Nelle and doesn't want her around. He says Sonny made his choice and his family wasn't it, so to stay out of Josslyn's problems.

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