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Perkie's Observations: Selina Brokers a Deal With Sonny and Hires Brad on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 22, 2022
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Selina Wu, General Hospital

Lydia Look

On today's General Hospital recap: Liz looks for an update from Dante about the shenanigans going on and tells him it wasn't Jake. She mentions changing the locks and putting in a security system. Liz brings up Cameron's sex tape and Dante tells her about Michael's arrest, and warns her about the reporter. Dante promises he's looking into who made the video.

Finn is surprised to see Chase, thinking he would be spending more time with Brook Lynn. Chase says he's there to recruit Finn for the yearly softball league. Finn mentions how Jake has an alibi and Liz is still grieving Franco. Finn is determined not to lose Liz in his life. Finn brings up Brook Lynn, but Chase swears they're just friends. He says he needs to get back to living his own life.

Liz tells Finn that she's upset with her parents for having Jake keep secrets from her. Finn promises to be there for her since he believes they're stronger together. Liz tells him to kiss her and agrees that they're better together.

Maxie tells Brook Lynn to check in on Bailey at the daycare since she knows Brook Lynn is hurting. Maxie is eternally grateful, but Brook Lynn says Chase was helpful as well. Brook Lynn says she and Chase are just friends, but Maxie asks if she wants more.

Lucy tells them that Sasha and Brando got married, which surprises both of them. She says they should throw a party for them when they get back from their honeymoon. They discuss the party plans for Deception going public. Maxie says Brook Lynn can write an original song and she agrees.

Portia and Curtis sign the ownership papers for the house. Portia continues to worry about Trina, though she knows she has to pull back.

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Epiphany tells Marshall she's going to take the MCATs, though she's not sure if she can handle the workload along with her job. Curtis approaches them and mentions closing on the house and Marshall congratulates him. Curtis asks about Epiphany and Marshall isn't sure where things are going. Curtis tells Marshall to just be himself with her.

Epiphany congratulates Portia, who asks about Marshall. Pif says she and Marshall are just friends right now. Pif tells her about taking the MCATs and Portia offers to help her.

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Selina meets with Sonny to ask for use of the harbor. Sonny agrees, but says she has to play by his rules. Sonny says no drugs and Selina is fine with it. Selina promises to let Sonny know when she's sending a shipment through.

Dante gets to Sonny's as Selina is leaving. Dante tells Sonny about the video, but tells him to stand down. Sonny says he's going to put an end to it, but Dante says Spinelli has already taken it off all public sites.

Sonny says Michael didn't tell him anything about Josslyn because he picked Nina over the family. Sonny says he doesn't want Michael and Nina at each other's throats about visitation with Wiley. He says he doesn't like being at odds with Michael and Dante tells him to put in the work. Sonny mentions that Nina got him to stop drinking and Dante asks if there is a future with Nina. Dante thinks that right now, Sonny can't have both Michael and Nina in his life.

Brad asks Britt about getting him a job at the hospital and while she has some minor options, none are in the lab. Britt points out there is a lab consultant position he can have. Selina shows up, saying she wants to get to know Britt better since she's friends with Brad. Brad mentions the job Britt offered him, but Selina says he'll be working for her.

Curtis gets a call from Drew that he's found some inconsistencies in Marshall's past. 

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