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Days of Our Lives Recap: Clyde Threatens EJ to Keep Quiet About His Shooting

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 23, 2022
Days of Our  Lives

James Read, Dan Feuerriegel

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Belle and Shawn's: Belle feels incredibly guilty about what she did as BelleDevil, especially to EJ. Shawn tries to explain that it wasn't her fault. Belle heads out to Statesville, then Chad stops over to check on her.

Kate calls to ask Shawn to send a copy of Philip's police report. Shawn leaves Chad alone to wait for Belle. He puts data from a flash drive into a laptop to prove BelleDevil set up Chad and EJ.

Statesville: Clyde denies EJ's claim, but EJ admits he's been having flashes until his whole memory returned. Clyde says what's done is done and has no remorse, but apologizes for the misunderstanding. EJ gets mad and blames him for robbing him of over 2,500 days of his life. EJ threatens to derail his parole by blabbing the truth. Clyde warns EJ to accept his rare apology for his health. EJ isn't deterred.

Belle visits EJ to tell him that she's responsible for putting him in prison. She explains how the Devil was able to morphed into EJ, who then kissed Abigail.

DiMera Enterprises: Gabi pushes Johnny away and he doesn't understand why. He says Gabi wanted to be with him in the bedroom and in the boardroom. Gabi admits she can't resist him and doesn't know why. They get hot and heavy when Jake walks in on them.

Jake explains to Gabi that the Devil morphed into him so Gabi would think he was betraying her. He adds the Devil went into someone else after Christmas and looks at Johnny, who can't stop smirking. Johnny pipes up that it was Belle and Gabi realizes Jake didn't betray her. He blows up at her about how quickly she distrusted him. Gabi asks for his forgiveness.

Horton Square: Chanel and Allie decide to move forward. They start to kiss when Ciara and Ben catch them. Ben and Ciara ask if they can make them a cake for a gender reveal party. Ben gives her the envelope.

Ben and Ciara's: Clyde appears at their doorstep.

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The Final Yards:

-Chad returns the flash drive to Kate for her to destroy.

-EJ tells Belle he doesn't think the court will accept the reason for his appeal, but she wants to try. Belle then informs EJ that Clyde made parole.

-Clyde says he has to be with responsible people, so he's hitching himself to their wagon.

-Jake tells Gabi she got what she wanted and walks away from her.

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Random Thoughts:

-Johnny's sleaze factor is very high, and I'm about done with the smirk.

-No! Not a gender reveal party!

-EJ isn't the guy who Clyde knew before...threatening him may not be such a good idea.

-Speaking of got out fast!

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