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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Returns Home to Nikolas and Esme on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 23, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis tells Drew about buying the house with Portia, but admits he has concerns about Marshall. Drew questions whether Curtis really wants to hear the information he has. Curtis says if it was just him, he wouldn't push, but worries about letting Marshall in and closer to Portia. Drew's information shows that Marshall lived outside the country in his own name and Curtis figures his father was never in witness protection.

Sonny joins Ava at the hospital after Avery hurt her arm. Marshall is there and gives Sonny the stink eye from a distance. TJ checks out Avery's arm and Sonny leaves the room to get her a lollipop.

Marshall confronts Sonny in the hallway and tells him not to come at his family. Sonny says Marshall misunderstood because TJ is treating his daughter. Marshall doesn't want TJ around the likes of Sonny and tells him to find a different doctor. TJ lets them know that Avery has a mild sprain, but will be fine.

TJ asks Sonny about what he saw with Marshall, but Sonny promises there are no issues with him. Avery asks about Carly and Sonny promises to arrange a time for her to visit.

TJ questions why Sonny got under Marshall's skin and says he shouldn't be messed with. Marshall tells TJ not to mistake Sonny's generosity with friendship. Marshall warns TJ to stay away from Sonny. As Marshall is leaving, he bumps into Avery and drops his bottle of medication. Sonny picks it up and inspects it before handing it back.

Carly and Liz take the teens to speak to Alexis. She explains to the teens this will get them ahead of the story and control the narrative. Alexis asks the mothers to leave so she can discuss things with the teens alone,

Alexis tells them revenge porn is a felony, but can't pin it on Esme without evidence. Alexis says she won't use their names, but Cameron says other stories won't be as tactful since Josslyn is Sonny's stepdaughter. Cameron's not sure he wants to do this.
Cameron thinks it will blow over if they keep quiet, but Josslyn says it's harder on her with the name calling on social media. Alexis tells them if they don't want to do the article, she will support them. Josslyn and Cameron discuss it, and she feels they need to stand up for themselves. Alexis pushes for a decision and the two decide do the story.

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Carly and Liz discuss the situation, and both are determined to prove that Esme was behind it. Carly's worried about Josslyn, but Liz is certain she'll be fine. Liz praises Carly for raising Josslyn as a strong, confident young woman. The two complement each other's parenting skills and mention how it wasn't always happy times between them. We get a flashback of Liz calling Carly the town whore and Carly smacking her in the face.

The teens rejoin their mothers, where Detective Lopez is ready to take their statements.

Nikolas stops by Laura's to get ready for Spencer's return. Laura thinks he should be moving back into Wyndemere with Nikolas. She doesn't want Spencer vulnerable to Victor if he can't go to Nikolas. Esme interrupts to say she's moving out. Nikolas tells her to stay until Spencer arrives and then decide. Laura sends Nikolas to pick up Spencer so she can speak with Esme alone.

Laura admits to Esme that she thought Esme would be bad for Spencer, but has since changed her mind. Laura says Esme has shown some growth, but Esme says things aren't working with Spencer. Esme complains about Trina and says Spencer has fallen for her. Esme says Spencer's friends are against her and knows he's not in her corner anymore.

Harmony asks Spencer to "speak" with Ryan and play a game of chess. Through Harmony, Ryan complains that Spencer and Esme went after Ava under his name and he didn't stop them. Ryan says Spencer's out in the cold, but still has a friend with him.
Spencer says he isn't interested as Nikolas arrives.

Nikolas questions Spencer. He says Ryan was just trying to get into his head, but he's fine. Spencer asks about Ava and Nikolas reminds him he still has work to do beyond Spring Ridge.

Harmony tells Ryan not to use her for his games anymore and he blinks out a message to her that someday he'll free her of her services the only way he knows how.

Laura says she's worried about Victor and his influence with Spencer. She wonders if
Esme can help her keep him in line. Nikolas and Spencer get home. 

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