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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria is Forced to Face The Harsh Truth About Ashland

The Young and the Restless Recap for March 23, 2022
Victoria Newman, The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Crimson Lights: Traci tells Billy his podcast was compelling, despite her bias. She thinks he will find an audience. They head home so they can be with Jack.

Abbott mansion: Phyllis asks Jack if he's heard from the texter, but Jack says no. Jack explains about Allie to Billy, who thinks Jack needs to reach out to her. Jack doesn't want to pressure her, but Phyllis agrees with Billy.

Los Angeles: Allie's sold the house in a cash deal, over the asking price, and without delay. The hitch? The buyer wants to meet Allie and she's on her way over.

Society: Ashland approaches Nate, who says they weren't friends, but someone who was useful to him. Ashland says he's working on getting the truth. Nate says his time's up and admits he went to the Newmans. Elena walks in and supports Nate's stance. Ashland decides it's time to leave.

Elena tells Nate not to blame himself for not seeing anything. Nate thinks Billy shouldn't have been dismissed so easily, but Elena says he did the right thing when it counted. Nate says he's worried about Victoria.

Newman-Locke: Victoria feels ambushed and refuses to calm down. Nick explains there's new information. Victor says they want to help her and keep as much as possible from the public.

Victoria finds the entire conversation very disrespectful and doesn't put anything past her father. Nikki points out she has no reason to betray her but supported her, even before the wedding. Nikki says the evidence is overwhelming against Ashland and Victor hopes it will be enough to sway her. Nick explains that Nate is the latest source.

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The Newmans run down what Nate found, but Victoria refuses to see it as the truth. She claims Ashland went to treatments, but Nikki points out that she only dropped him off. Victoria asks if they believe he faked his side effects and they think it's the only explanation. Victoria tells them she will find out for herself as she runs the company from Tuscany without family interference. Adam blocks her from leaving.

Adam says he understands what's it's like to be duped by a con artist, but Victoria doesn't see Ashland and Chelsea as the same. He tells her that Ashland will slip up and expose himself at some point.

Enter Ashland. She dismisses her family to talk privately, but they want to hear his explanation. Victoria asks if Nate was mistaken. Ashland feels her family is just out to get him. He claims that as long as they're together, there will always be attacks from her family. Ashland says he can't compete and wishes she didn't have to choose between the two, and then walks out. Victoria realizes he was lying the whole time and breaks down.

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Random Thoughts:

-Allie talks to herself a lot. The mystery buyer is better known to us as Diane Jenkins, but how is she still alive after Nikki whacked her?

-The difference between Chelsea and Ashland as con folk is the same as the difference between a hooker and a call girl.

-Victoria is perpetually torn between her men and her family. Will this be enough for her to seize control?

-Ashland is no shrinking violet...will he return with a taste for revenge?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.