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Perkie's Observations: Anna Tells Laura That Luke Was Murdered on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 24, 2022
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura's happy that Spencer is home, though Esme says she's leaving since Spencer doesn't see her in his life. Nikolas wants Esme to join them for dinner and Laura's not happy to hear that Victor will be there as well. Laura gets a text and says she'll meet them for dinner later. Nikolas leaves Spencer and Esme alone to talk.

Esme says she's happy to see that Spencer doesn't believe she's responsible for the sex tape, but he denies it. Spencer says Esme's blaming Trina for something he knows she didn't do. He says Esme has a side to her that is capable of doing these things, but she turns it around on him, saying Spencer could have done the taping. Esme says Spencer had a motive, but she doesn't really believe he did it and he can't say the same for her. As she's leaving, she drops her purse and a pregnancy test falls out in front of Spencer.

Michael is released on bail and Willow tells him about her fainting spell. She promises him it wasn't serious and Harmony showed up for her. Willow is grateful with how things went with her mother.

Curtis asks Jordan's help and asks how much she knows about Marshall. Jordan says Thomas didn't speak very much about their father. Curtis tells Jordan it's possible that Marshall wasn't in witness protection, but has a sealed criminal record. Curtis asks if Jordan can unseal the record, but she refuses. Curtis is upset with her, but Jordan says she's not the bad guy. Curtis storms out.

Harmony tells Alexis about Nina asking for help in getting visitation with Wiley. Harmony's worried about the fallout from Willow. Harmony talks about her living situation and how she's been staying in a motel. Alexis offers to co-sign a lease for her, but Harmony doesn't want to owe her. Alexis says TJ and Molly are moving out so there's room for Harmony with her.

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Nina runs into Sonny at Charlie's and asks if he made any headway with Michael. Sonny admits things aren't good with Michael, but he'll continue to help since she matters to him. Nina says she'll do everything to make sure she has a role in her grandson's life. Nina asks about his drinking and is proud when Sonny says he hasn't had anything. Sonny puts on music and the two share a dance. Curtis arrives, ready to ask Sonny for a favor.

Victor confides in Johan he's concerned that Anna and Felicia got information on Luke's murder. Johan claims Victor had to kill Luke since he was getting too close to the truth. Victor's certain nothing can be traced back to him and needs to put the blame of Luke's death on someone else.

Anna's back in town and updates the others that Luke's accident was actually murder. She tells Sam and Drew what she found out overseas. Anna's worried the WSB won't want to look bad and will steer things down a different path. She thinks Drew is the best answer, but they explain how Carly interrupted the meeting with Victor.

Drew mentions Operation Demeter. Anna checks the WSB files and finds nothing. Laura joins them and Anna updates her on everything. Laura's upset that Luke was murdered and anyone going after Victor will be in danger.

Ava joins Victor for the family dinner and tries to get answers from him. Victor sees through the question and wonders what Ava really wants. Ava says they're family now and that should make them allies. Nikolas joins them and mentions Spencer may not be joining them, which doesn't sit well with Victor. Victor says the family must come together while they still can, which Nikolas questions. Victor complains about Valentin rejecting him, but Nikolas and Ava think it's more than that. Nikolas says Victor needs to tell them what he's been planning. 

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