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The View's Sunny Hostin on Kanye West Grammy Performance Ban: "I am Very Uncomfortable With This"

Sunny Hostin, Kanye West

The ladies on The View are delving into the latest headlines regarding rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Recently, the 22-time Grammy winner was barred from performing at the April 3 ceremony due to "erratic and troubling public behavior," the organizers told the New York Times.

West recently released an animated music video depicting the kidnapping and burial of a person who resembled his ex Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend, Pete Davidson; he also directed slurs online at Grammys host Trevor Noah. West was banned from Instagram temporarily. In response to the Grammys' decision, Noah tweeted:

West is nominated for five awards this year. Should he be allowed to take the stage? Ana Navarro weighed in:

Too often people who are rich, who are famous, surround themselves by an entourage who like the trappings so much that they're incapable of confronting you with the truth. So how long is this going to go on and how long are we going to say, 'Poor Kanye. He just needs to be counseled,' while other people are being dragged through the mud, while he's inciting violence against Pete Davidson, while he's issuing horrible racial slurs? I mean, yeah, somebody needs to get him to counseling, but 'til then, do we all need to put up with this?

Sunny Hostin shared she is "uncomfortable" with West not being allowed to perform, saying:

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Where do we draw the line? I mean, believe in consequence culture. I don't believe in cancel culture. And I feel that he is, because of the stigma of mental health, I think he is being stigmatized. And bottom line is, people that are mentally ill, he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, are much less likely to commit violence than have violence enacted upon them. I don't know yet that he is this violent person who should be shunned from society and his art taken away from him. I am very uncomfortable with this. 

Sara Haines said the Grammys plan to let West accept any awards he wins and because he can "go rogue" while giving acceptance speeches, she is not sure why they give him the open mic with no script. Performing would make more sense, she argued.

Navarro added:

Kanye may not go and perpetrate an act of violence, but Kanye has got millions and millions of very loyal fans who get ginned up by the things that he's been posting against Pete Davidson, that he's been posting against D.L. Hughley, that he's been posting against Kim Kardashian. They've had to beef up their security; they've had to do all these other things. And so whether Kanye does something or not is one issue. But he's got all these people who he influences, and once you give that guy the mic, he's gonna do with it whatever he wants.

Watch the discussion below.