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The Young and the Restless Recap: Diane Insinuates Herself Back Into Jack's Life

The Young and the Restless Recap for March 24, 2022
Diane Jenkins, The Young and the Restless

Susan Walters

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap:

Los Angeles: Allie offers to show "Taylor" the house, but she declines. Allie asks why she wanted to see her. "Taylor" asks if Allie has other family and gets a call from Jack to see if she wants to grab that coffee on his upcoming trip. "Taylor" advises Allie not to ignore her family's help. "Taylor" tells Allie her new place will be a safety net for her. After "Taylor" says her goodbyes, Allie decides to reach out to Jack.

Chelsea and Adam's: Nate meets Chelsea to look over the penthouse and he offers to buy it. Devon comes in and talks about the job offer. Nate wonders how he will fit into their plans. 

Billy and Lily's: Lily shows Billy the download data from his first podcast and the overall response is good. Billy doesn't know if he can make magic happen twice, but Lily assures him that he has lots more to say. Nate and Devon visit to talk about their future.

Lily explains how the two companies should be consolidated. Devon thinks Lily's on the right track. Hamilton-Winters will focus on media and entertainment, and Chancellor will focus on commercial development, merchandise, and ancillary products. Devon doesn't object to anything. Devon asks Nate to be his COO.

Phyllis/Jack: Phyllis tells Jack that Traci's low key approach may not be the best one. She tells Jack to help her granddaughter by reaching out. Jack agrees the first move is his. Phyllis wants to return to LA, but Jack is looking for a more subtle approach.

Jack gets another mysterious text saying Allie may be more receptive soon.

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The penthouse: Elena comes in and spies champagne. Nate tells her they can own the penthouse if she wants. Elena's surprised, but Nate tells her if it's awkward for her, they can decline. Elena thinks about it for a few and decides she's onboard.

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Random Thoughts:

-After yesterday, this felt like a full-on filler episode.

-Devon doesn't seem to have ANY ideas about the merger. He's deferring everything to Lily.

-Were Jack and Phyllis teleporting all over Genoa City today?

-Looking forward to finding out Diane's game plan in uniting Jack and Allie.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest The Young and the Restless recap.