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Days of Our Lives Recap: Kayla Loses Her Job in Her Fight to Defend Marlena

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 25, 2022
Kayla Brady, Days of Our Lives

Mary Beth Evans

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Rafe's: Ava wants to know what crime she committed. Rafe reminds her she was an accessory to kidnapping. He wants to know why she came back. Ava wonders why Rafe and Nicole are so hostile toward her. She bids them a good long as it lasts. Nicole wonders why Ava's threat was so veiled and worries that Ava's not through with them.

DiMera mansion: Sonny tells Chad that Will returned to Phoenix, but their plan is still intact. Abigail suggests wrapping the plan up tonight, then leaves to lay the groundwork.

Sonny and Chad bicker. Sonny gets angry about what Leo could do to mess with Craig and his money. Chad's not sure Craig will feel the same way if they interfere.

Salem Inn: Craig has a job offer from University Hospital for a staff position. Leo's fired up because Craig seems okay with patient care for now. Leo tells Craig to tell Seth the only job he will take is Chief of Staff.

Kayla's office: Seth interrupts Kayla and Marlena's chat. He insists that Marlena be fired immediately. Marlena saves Kayla the trouble by resigning. When Kayla tries to defend her, Seth tells them to work it out and leaves.

Kayla refuses to be bullied, but Marlena knows she's endangering her job by not firing her.

Horton Square: Seth meets with Craig and Leo. He lets Seth know he's interested in Kayla's job. Leo keeps interrupting Seth's questions by talking up Craig's skills.

University Hospital: Steve tells Tripp he traced Ava to a local motel, which makes him think she will be back. Tripp thinks she's innocent, but Steve tells him about what she did to Rafe.

Ava shows up to take Tripp to dinner.

Abigail/Leo: Abigail wants to know what happened in Phoenix because she caught Chad in women's clothes. Leo lets it "slip" they were in bed together, but it admits it was a misunderstanding. Abigail claims Chad can't let it go and says he's attracted to him. She begs him not to sleep with him again, no matter how badly he wants to. Leo says he's in a committed relationship and isn't interested. Abigail's relieved and takes off. She makes a call to Chad.

Back at Kayla's: Seth decides to take the decision out of Kayla's hands and fires her. He tells her he's already found a replacement and to clear out her office for Dr. Wesley. Both Kayla and Marlena are shocked.

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The Final Yards:

-Rafe promises to get to the bottom of Ava's involvement in his set-up and Abigail's kidnapping. He and Nicole head off to the shower.

-Tripp tells Ava about Allie and Chanel, and returns the engagement ring.

-Steve alerts someone to keep an eye on Ava. Marlena tells Steve that Kayla was fired.

-Kayla questions Craig about his motives in approaching her for a job. Craig says he will do what needs to be done. Kayla wishes him luck and leaves. Craig is feelin' himself right now.

-Leo gets a visit from Chad, who asks if he can come into his room.

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Random Thoughts:

-Leo wasn't cheeky at all today. He was relentlessly annoying and had no business being in on Craig and Seth's meeting.

-Don't get me started on Seth's inappropriateness.

-Rafe and Nicole should be on alert after that encounter with Ava.

-Loved Steve supporting Tripp! I'm sure Ava will add her own special brand of support.

-Sonny's rant seemed like his plot isn't about revenge, but to protect Craig, who he doesn't know. I'm confused.

-Do we have faith that Rafe can complete the two aforementioned tasks?

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!