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Days of Our Lives Recap: Maggie Approaches Tony For a Huge Favor to Help Sarah

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 24, 2022
Maggie Horton, Days of Our Lives

Suzanne Rogers

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Motel No-Tell: Ava's watching the news for an update on Rafe's verdict. Ava calls Gwen to gloat about her pending accomplishment. Gwen tells her what's going on with Sarah and how she thinks Xander is refocused on her.

Anna/Tony/"Renée": Anna's waiting to have lunch with Tony, but he's not hungry. She wants to know if he's still angry with her about Sarah. Anna answers the landline phone. "Renée" is not pleased that Anna answered. She threatens to boot her out as soon as she gets home. Anna hands the phone to Tony.

"Renée" tells Tony how much she's suffering. She says she can't wait to be reunited with the love of her life...the line disconnects. Anna is happy that "Renée" is restrained and is now ready for lunch. Tony thinks she owes him an apology. Anna gets upset that Tony wants an apology after the way "Renée" talked to her.

University Hospital: Xander comes in after the nurse hangs up on Tony. "Renée" and she wants to know if "Alex" has done something about the divorce and asks him to unstrap her wrists.

Maggie assures Abigail she doesn't blame her for Sarah's illness. She's grateful that Abigail was able to rescue her. Kayla tells Maggie and Abigail that Sarah's longterm memory damage is more severe than Abigail's. Maggie worries if it will be permanent, but Kayla is unsure.

Kayla advises that Sarah be transferred to Bayview, but Maggie thinks Sarah belongs at home. When Maggie brings "Renée" the news she's going home with her, "Renée" refuses to go anywhere but to Tony's.

With Maggie's permission, Kayla tells Xander about Sarah's prognosis. Xander catches site of Abigail and blames her again. Abigail apologizes, but she says she wouldn't have known about the drug if it wasn't for Gwen using on her. Abigail wonders if Dr. Rolf could create an antidote.

Salem PD: Nicole and Rafe talk about Eli's heath crisis. She tells him she knows nothing about Ava's whereabouts. Nicole apologizes for botching her ruse as Jennifer Horton. Melinda interrupts them and says the verdict is in.

Maggie/Tony/Anna: Maggie arrives after leaving the hospital with an update. Anna worries they'll be stuck with that horrible Renée Dumonde forever! Anna dials it back and apologizes to Maggie for being insensitive.

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Maggie tells them that "Renée" will only accept a discharge if she can come home to Tony. Anna rattles off a very long string of, "no, no, no, no...." Maggie really wants Tony to move into the Kirakis mansion, but not full time. Anna asks Maggie if she wants to use Tony as a therapy animal for Sarah (I'm dead!). Maggie breaks down and begs for his help so she doesn't have to commit her.

The Final Yards:

-Ava has a proper freak out over Rafe's acquittal by tossing furniture all over the room.

-Anna is furious with Tony. She thinks Sarah needs professional help. Tony thinks Anna would do the same for her child.

-Xander explains the latest prognosis to Gwen and tells her about Abigail's idea.

-Nicole is at Rafe's celebrating his freedom with champagne. Nicole gives him a kiss...just as Ava walks into the kitchen.

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Random Thoughts:

-I like Abigail's new looks a lot lighter. And she's right...ultimately it was Gwen who first had the drug, but it was smart to think of Dr. Rolf.

-Howling at Anna today, especially the NO, NO, NO...sorry...I'm team Anna all the way.

-Anna did not just ask Maggie if she wants to use Tony as a therapy animal for Sarah.

-I was hoping EJ's new cellmate would be Rafe.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU! Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!