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The Young and The Restless' Sean Dominic Talks Ashland Betrayal and Nate's Possible Career Shift

Sean Dominic

The Young and the RestlessDr. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) recently faced off with former patient/friend Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) over Locke Ness Monster's lies and Nate's pursuit for the truth. Does this mean their bond is shattered for good? And will Nate switch up his professional path? Dominic shared his thoughts with Soap Opera Digest.

Once upon a time, Nate really believed in his BFF status with the mogul. Dominic said:

Even though Nate can look back now and think, ‘Wow, now I see why he sought me out to be his best man because I could help build his cover for him,’ he really thought they were solid friends. If he could go back, I’m sure he’d question why the friendship happened so quickly, but at the time, Nate thought they were real buddies.

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How does Nate feel about his ex-pal? Dominic dished:

Oh, he feels crazy betrayed. It’s made Nate really question himself and his judge of character. I know if it happened to me, it would hit my ego hard. I would be asking myself, ‘How could I let this backstabber into my life? Why didn’t I see any red flags?’ But Ashland is a smooth operator. Nate doesn’t automatically think the worst of people but it’s a big learning curve if he goes into the business world. He’ll certainly learn some things the hard way.

Ashland recently threatened to bring down Nate's medical career, although Devon (Bryton James) just offered the dashing doc a corporate job. Were Nate to enter the cutthroat business world, Dominic foresaw a potential change in his character, saying:

I think in a way, it has to, but for the good. A year from now, Nate will see through someone like Ashland.