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Perkie's Observations: Victor Tells Nikolas He Wants a Cassadine Power Base on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 25, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis asks Sonny's help in unsealing his father's records. Curtis says Marshall has been lying to him and needs to know why. Sonny remembers picking up Marshall's medication bottle and tells Curtis that he can't help him. Sonny says Marshall isn't a fan and things will get worse if he gets involved.

Nikolas and Ava want to know what Victor has going on, but he says it's family only, so Ava gets up and leaves them. Victor says the Cassadines used to be one of the most powerful families and wants to go back to that. Nikolas says he thought Victor was thinking of doing something criminal, but Victor just wants a power base and Nikolas' support.

Taggert and Portia discuss the revenge porn tape and hope it makes Trina realize who she should and shouldn't hang around with. Trina joins them and tells them that she saw Spencer and told him they can't be friends. She mentions that she hasn't seen Josslyn since the tape was released.

Ava and Portia make small talk about Spencer and his release. Ava says Spencer will be working at the gallery with Trina, but Portia's not having it. Ava says Trina seemed fine with being Spencer's supervisor, but Portia says Trina feels differently now.

Dante wants to investigate the revenge porn case. Jordan says a case has been opened, but Dante can't be involved due to his relationship with Josslyn. Jordan tells him to take a step back so he doesn't compromise the case. Jordan promises that whoever is responsible won't get away with it.

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Cameron complains that people are talking about them, but Josslyn points out the trash talk is about her. She feels it's unfair, but hates how it bothers her so much. Cameron's not happy they did the interview and Josslyn wonders if he blames her.

The two run into Trina and things are awkward between them at first. Trina admits she thought Josslyn believed she was responsible for the video. Josslyn is certain that Esme is responsible and Trina agrees. Josslyn feels Esme was always planning on hurting the two of them. The two talk and hug it out.

Spencer is shocked to see the pregnancy test and Esme admits she's been late for a week. He says they used protection, but Esme says it's not 100 percent. Spencer tells her to take the test right now, but Esme refuses. She says it's her body, her choice.

Cameron arrives as Esme leaves and is shocked to hear about the possible pregnancy. Spencer tells Cameron that he accused Esme and defended Trina, and she got angry with him. He doesn't know what he'll do if Esme turns out to be pregnant. Spencer hopes that Esme isn't pregnant and worries he'll be tied to her for life.

Esme finds Nikolas to for his help and a place to stay.

Jordan gets information and asks Trina to come down to the station for a chat. 

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