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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad Turns on The DiMera Charm to Get Leo Into Bed

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 28, 2022
Chad DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Brady's: Abigail and Brady discuss their plan, and how Chloe is stalling Craig so Chad has time to work his magic. 

Craig's office: Chloe tracks down Craig at the hospital. He explains that Kayla was going to lose her job so he put his hat in the ring. She wonders if it was his or Leo's idea to step in. Craig reminds her again that Kayla was going to lose her job anyway. Chloe still thinks Leo's no good for her daddy and wonders if the job was his idea. Craig gets angry and tells he and Leo love each other.

Craig tells Chloe he needs her in his life, but if she can't deal with Leo, then move on, but don't interfere. Chloe's put off by his ultimatum, but when he leaves, she calls Brady. Chloe wonders if their plan is a bad idea and thinks they should consider scraping it.

Statesville: Orpheus approaches EJ and admits he knows what Clyde did. Orpheus threatens EJ not to harm Clyde. Orpheus tells him to keep quiet about Clyde and keep a low profile. EJ agrees what's done is done and is glad Clyde's on the outside where he's not a threat. EJ walks away with that look that says he's gunning for Clyde.

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Ben and Ciara's: Ben and Ciara bicker about Clyde's surprise appearance. Ciara fears that Clyde's past enemies may track him down to their apartment. Clyde says Ciara was a factor in Ben making changes and he wants to make changes too. Ben asks Ciara to reconsider letting Clyde stay. Clyde says he will stay until he's cleared by the parole board to find his own place. Ciara agrees after the two remind her how Clyde helped Ben save her from Evan.

Orpheus calls Clyde about his conversation with EJ. He doesn't think he's trustworthy or willing to stay quiet. The two decide he may have to be eliminated to keep their secret.

Rafe's bathtub: It's time for a bubble bath, with champagne, sex, and a little sweet talk. Later, Rafe and Nicole admit they danced around their feelings for endless months. The two declare their love for one another. (Note: I left out the cutesy chat about Duke...yes they're still talking about him.)

Salem Inn: Chad's tipping back the mini bottles while he Leo talk about Abigail's visit. Leo wonders if Chad's really been thinking about him and Chad has to convince him. Leo declines Chad's offer for sex because he's in a committed relationship. Chad turns on the charm and Leo eventually caves in. Leo doesn't think it's infidelity if you don't get caught. When Leo leaves the room to change, Chad calls Abigail to get Craig to the inn ASAP.

Chad drinks another shot and strips to his underwear. Leo orders Chad to pull them down and show off his cakes...Leo is quite impressed. Once in bed, Leo makes a move, just as Craig walks in.

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