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Perkie's Observations: Trina is Arrested For Making and Distributing The Sex Tape on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 28, 2022
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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Tabyana Ali

On today's General Hospital recap: Jordan tells Trina she was brought in to discuss the sex tape case. Trina says Esme is behind it, but Jordan reminds her that Spencer and Esme left early. She asks if Trina saw anything that would point the finger at Esme.

Jordan asks where Trina was when Spencer and Esme left, and she admits she was in her room and didn't actually see them leave. Trina swears she only had one drink and it knocked her out. Jordan reminds her she can have her parents present, but Trina doesn't want to bother them.

Jordan says they got a tip that Trina was seen watching the video weeks before it was posted online. Trina denies it, saying she never had it on her phone until it was sent to her and deleted it. Trina searches in her purse for her phone and finds two phones. Trina swears she doesn't know how the second phone got into her bag. Jordan calls Curtis and tells him Trina's at the station and has declined legal counsel.

Josslyn wants to wait for Trina, but Dante tells her it will be awhile. Josslyn says the police should be looking at Esme. Josslyn gets concerned when Trina's taken into the interrogation room. Jordan gives Dante the second phone and he takes it to forensics.

Phyllis tells Harmony about Nina's history and asks her to talk to Willow about visitation with Wiley. Phyllis mentions how Harmony got along with Nina's mother Madeline. Harmony claims she has no memory of Madeline, but Phyllis reminds her that she saw them together. Harmony gets angry and leaves.

Alexis is sad that TJ and Molly are moving out, then tells them Harmony is moving in. The two are concerned and mention how Shawn asked them to keep an eye on Harmony, just as she arrives. TJ apologizes to Harmony.

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Scotty wants to put things behind them, despite Nina's anger with him about the trial. He says for Liesl's sake, he wants them to get along. Nina brings up her legal action and Scotty offers to represent her, which Nina declines.

Nina says she has another inroad to Wiley and Scotty figures it has to do with Sonny. Scotty warns her against Sonny. Nina says Sonny's not an angel, but neither is Liesl and Scotty denied all the naysayers by being in a relationship with her. Scotty says she can only pick one, Wiley or Sonny, and asks who she prefers.

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Curtis tells Marshall he doesn't want any trouble showing up at his doorstep, but his father says there's nothing to worry about. Marshall complains about the Ashford men and their relationship with Sonny, but Curtis isn't worried.

Esme tells Nikolas she has nowhere to go and asks if she can stay with him. Nikolas says it would be awkward considering his relationship with Spencer. Esme claims Nikolas has turned his back on her too.

Esme says Spencer has taken Trina's side over hers. Nikolas admits that it's hard to believe Trina would be behind the taping. Esme claims Trina has fooled everyone, though Nikolas disagrees.

Esme lays it on thick that she was an orphan and sent away to school. She says Spencer understood, but now he has Nikolas back and she has no one. Nikolas says he can't take sides. Esme says she'll have to leave town since everyone here hates her. Nikolas offers to rent the room above Kelly's for her and promises to check in on her.

Taggert and Portia get to the station, and he's angry with Jordan. Trina swears to her parents the phone isn't hers and doesn't think it was a big deal to speak with Jordan without anyone present. Portia tells her not to speak to anyone until their lawyer arrives and they'll figure it out.

Jordan tells Curtis about the second phone, which he finds suspicious. Taggert storms in, angry with Jordan for questioning Trina without anyone present. Taggert complains to Curtis that Trina is being framed. Curtis says no one wants to see Trina railroaded.

Dante updates Jordan, who then tells Trina that she's being booked. Jordan says the phone Trina handed over directly links her to the illegal possession and dissemination of unlawfully taped sexually explicit images. Trina swears to Josslyn that it wasn't her, but Esme. Taggert tells her not to say anything else.

Dante places Trina under arrest. 

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