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Maurice Benard on General Hospital's Sonny: "Nina Gets Him to Stop Drinking"

Maurice Benard, General Hospital

Things aren't over for Sonny and Nina on General Hospital! In a new interview with Michael Fairman TV, Maurice Benard chatted about his YouTube series State of Mind and the state of his character.

Will Sonny's drinking become a recurring problem after his split from Carly (Laura Wright)? Benard explained:

Well, Nina [Cynthia Watros] gets him to stop drinking, and I don’t want it to be like Nina is only with him to take care of the damaged guy. It’s good for acting to be able to play that stuff, but we’ve got to move forward now, and it does. That’s the beauty of GH now, whenever I’m thinking something, it seems like they’re doing it.

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Nina Reeves, Maurice Benard, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros, Maurice Benard

Could Sonny and Nina be in it for the long haul? The actor mused:

I do, and I didn’t when we first started working together. I told Cynthia, 'This isn’t going to work well, and I’m playing this cowboy, but let’s have fun! Let’s do it!' and that’s how it started. The beauty of it was that we had nine months to build the relationship, and we weren’t trying. We were on our own island over there in Nixon Falls, and it just progressed. With Cynthia, she has the vulnerability to sell the storyline, and if she didn’t have vulnerability, it wouldn’t work. I love Cynthia as an actress. We just have a kind of easiness in our scenes.

Meanwhile, Sonny and his son Michael (Chad Duell) are at odds once again. Michael's standing by Carly, and the drama isn't over yet. Benard dished:

Yes, I just hope that they find ways to do it differently because you can’t have the same fight over and over. However, I’m watching Chad like, 'Woo… okay! What kind of vitamins is he taking?' (Laughs) There’s more at stake now. It’s a challenge, and I love it. It’s up to me to make the right acting choices, but it’s very cool because they have Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Brando (Johnny Wactor), and Nina on my side, and that’s something that I haven’t really seen. It’s usually everybody against Sonny, right? The Quartermaines, Jason [Steve Burton], Carly… we could go down the line… when he killed Michael’s father [A.J., Sean Kanan], when Michael got shot in the head was in a coma… do you want me to keep going? Sonny is always at fault, and then everybody is upset at me. At least now, Sonny has some people to talk to. It makes it a little easier for him.